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07:40:19 PM Nov 4th 2013
There's a new comic up with the copyright date marked 2013. I don't know if it's an isolated event or it just restarted, but if it's the latter, this may need to be unlocked.
01:48:47 AM Apr 27th 2013
This page is presently locked, but it should have this added.

Irony: A particularly bizarre example, best summed up by the character in said comic, which nearly ended the comic:
Jesus: "As much as I appreciate the irony that after three years of tentacle monsters violating nubile young women, otaku-trannies, and furry sex that it was an image of missionary position sex for the purpose of procreation that made our sponsors drop all their ads, the truth is that you've seriously jeopardized the continued hosting of this webcomic."
09:30:02 AM Jan 22nd 2013
This example has been removed from the page, partly because it is a Zero-Context Example and partly because it needs to be renamed to Gender Reveal, Unsettling Gender Reveal, or one of the other subtropes. Once this information has been provided in the "locked pages edit request" thread, it can be placed back on the page.

02:45:04 PM Jan 5th 2013

Black Comedy is the current term. There is no context here.
02:47:57 AM Jun 29th 2012
Restored as per CV thread
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