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04:19:57 PM Feb 21st 2014
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Beautiful All Along: Possily not an aversion. It looks to me that Cloud's blindness in the comic mentioned was not due to the sight, but from Tifa casting Blindness on him, due to her hand being back in that shot, with the magic sparkles on it.
12:10:40 AM Sep 6th 2014
Link to the page?
10:03:25 AM Mar 20th 2012

Sexy Back has been split into Toplessness from the Back and Sexy Backless Outfit, but this description doesn't give enough context to determine which it should be. Please check both definitions and put it under the correct trope.
12:09:52 AM Sep 6th 2014
Sexy Backless Outfit from when Aeris dresses up fancy to get close to Don (so she can help Tifa and Cloud shake him down for information).