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06:49:07 AM May 22nd 2012
Would the kiss by Seth the snake to Chloe be a continuity nod or a mythology gag (earlier a more innocent Chloe kissed HIM, and she then blushed)?
03:37:44 AM Mar 30th 2012
Think we could break the Five-Bad Band entry into the more realistic THREE-Bad Bands or Evil Power Trios?

The Hellrune Coven had Melissa as the Big Bad, Cerise as the Dragon and Jacqui as the Evil Genius.

The three who'd be the "Succubi Trio" eventually were after the Coven got their own strip and before the Doompanties: The Big Bad: Cessily The Dragon: Laura The Chick and Unwitting Pawn: Chloe

Once Chloe wore the Doompanties, the dynamic became: The Big Bad: Chloe, especially after Layla caused her to sabotage herself through mind-control The Dragon: Cessily The Chick: Laura

Though the main reason Nina got sent away was Chloe knew the party to come would be dangerous, and Nina and Layla might get hurt if Nina joined in (Chloe already had her ax to grind with Layla, so she's not concerned with the backstabbing vampire bitch as much).

Of course, the million-dollar question was, "Just what WAS Chloe's plans for the dinner date with Dio?"

Two answers:

1) Chloe wanted to win Dio over and steal her from Layla, meaning her pre-emptive mind-control move to sabotage Chloe from doing this was justified.

2) Chloe wanted to just get to know and be nice to Dio, but not be a man-taker, however the Doompanties made Chloe seem a little heavier-handed than she should have been. If THIS was the case as Chloe tried to say to Adora, then LAYLA was wrong in taking a flying leap to a wrong conclusion. Given Layla's arrogance afterwards, this would push a nice Chloe off into full-blown nastiness (she IS scheming now to take Layla's popularity, Dio, and everything else Layla has that's not nailed down).

So tell me guys, what do you think?
08:32:33 AM Mar 30th 2012
And also, if Chloe WAS seeming heavy-handed enough for Layla to sabotage her through mind-control, how much of that were the Doompanties talking and how much was the REAL Chloe? I can see Real Chloe fighting the Doompanties when they wanted to corrupt Nina. THAT was the one line she'd fight back on—Cess and Laura were acceptable, Nina off limits.
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