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03:48:18 AM Jun 9th 2012
Is this High Fantasy or Low Fantasy?

I would say that, at the moment, it isn't high fantasy because it just doesn't have the scope. It focuses on Tanna's life rather than the end of the world, nothing major that could have massive repercussions has happened yet (as far as we can tell), there isn't any Big Bad or evil stuff... I think that currently the story is a small, mildly humorous, character-driven one about people who are prettymuch humans with Pointy Ears. Yes, it's fantasy with elves and druids and legends and another world and all, but there isn't anything major at stake or great evils to defeat or quests to go on. Yet. This can and likely will change as the story goes on and gains more plot and momentum, but with the author's description as "a journey of self-discovery" I doubt it will ever become high fantasy. But there isn't anything wrong with that, and it's still a great webcomic.
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