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01:20:26 PM Apr 12th 2014
Looking at the development blog for the prequel, it seems to be much more sexual than the old comic. The author goes even as far as to proclaim:
The original Chimneyspeak had a lot of brutal violence and implied sex in the main story, choreographed for HBO you might say.

Well since the main antagonist isnít strong enough to throw horses at people the Chimneyspeak prequel is going to have a lot of implied violence and brutal sex. Choreographed forÖ Channel 5 at 2 a.m in the 90ís, I guess.

Now remember: Chimneyspeak was submitted for P5 review and passed. However, upcoming new chapters look like they are not going to be on the same level and thus will need a separate review.

In light of that, I'd like to propose (ahead of time) that when the new comic starts going, make a new page for it, rather than add prequel tropes onto the old page. And submit it for review separately.
07:29:28 PM Dec 29th 2011
RE: the change from Implacable Man to Determinator: Per the definition, the former relies on magic or science to drive the motivation, while the latter is sheer willpower, which Chelsea's insanity can be argued to be.
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