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09:35:27 AM May 29th 2013
Not to question the removal of links, but the site's back up and working again. So should we save this format and revert to the old one or just stick with this until we get another update?
07:28:22 AM May 31st 2013
I asked the moderators to revert to the last version that had links in it and they did. IMO pulling them was premature/unnecessary to begin with, since inactive webcomics often go down and come back up.
08:47:34 AM May 31st 2013
Ok I saved a copy of the version without links in case it goes down again in future for a few days.
08:07:47 PM Jun 10th 2013
So...who gets to re-remove all the natter I cleaned out when I took out those links? (grumble grumble)

While I probably should have said I did that too, it does pay to check on things before calling in the mods. After all, most of their tools are effectively the nuclear option to solving problems.
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