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11:39:26 PM Sep 19th 2012
Possible Shout Out, but in episode twenty when Grandpa says, "Next you'll be telling me the Romans played Pokemon," am I the only one that immediately thought of the Alera Codex?
03:42:01 PM May 16th 2011
Should we add something to Brick Joke/Call Back? In 11, after "Screw the rules, I have green hair", Kaiba says he needs to cut back on drugs. In 44, after his vision, he says "I really need to cut back on the drugs". Anyone?
01:34:13 PM Mar 1st 2011
Can we add Seasonal Rot? I can't be the only one who find the new season...boring. It's just 10 minutes of repeating the same joke over and over.
02:39:31 PM May 2nd 2011
Considering they're doing their best with a filler season, and that many people find the new episodes to be just as good, I think not.
02:59:11 AM Feb 27th 2011
Aaaaand the Youtube account is dead again. Should Death Is Cheap be added?
09:46:53 AM Jul 2nd 2011
edited by ZionCrayson
You know what? I'm actually inclined to adding that if it comes back a seventh time. I mean, I added the Beyond the Impossible remark after the fifth ban, and nobody's deleted that, so I think it's safe to say if they come back a seventh time, I'll be adding Death Is Cheap on the list.

EDIT: Never mind. It's just been deleted. Don't know why, but nobody complained before. In fact, they actually went with it, and I really do think BTI fits in. Oh well. If Lord Seth wants it gone, then so be it.
09:37:28 PM Sep 8th 2010
Should this have a characters page? The characters here all have very different personalities and other changes that differ them from their counterparts from the original anime.
12:19:30 PM Sep 16th 2010
Go for it! The Abridged characters are pretty radically different from the originals, I'd say they count as seperate.
01:33:05 PM Sep 16th 2010
For whosoever wants to give it a go, you can start here.
08:46:43 AM May 29th 2010
It looks like the show will be renamed to "The Cancelled Series" for the duration of the current Season. I think we should add a redirect. What do you say?
09:34:08 PM Jun 17th 2010
edited by rocketman0739
No, that would be stupid.
02:04:48 PM Jun 18th 2010
...Okay, what I think he means is that we all know the series as 'Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series'; nobody really needs the redirect. Besides, the series as a whole is called The Abridged Series. I don't have a problem with a redirect, but it doesn't seem necessary.
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