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01:45:47 PM Dec 26th 2013
Seriously? A guys angry rants about why he doesn't like a children s TV show deserves an article?
03:35:09 PM Dec 26th 2013
There Is No Such Thing as Notability. If someone liked it enough to post it, then they are allowed to.

Though it is frustrating that the videos this article is based on were taken down. I'm kind of interested in what they actually had to say.
10:19:42 AM Jul 22nd 2016
edited by CaptainTedium
If the videos no longer exist, then why should the article remain. There's practically no acknowledgement of this series elsewhere. For all that newcomers know, it might appear to be a gag article on a series of rant videos that never existed.

I see no point in this article staying here if the alleged videos are no longer up and there is no recorded evidence of the videos ever existing other than the already mentioned TV Tropes article.
09:06:03 AM Aug 3rd 2016
If we could find evidence of the existence of this series, I would be in favour of putting it back up, since we're big on how there's no such thing as notability. However, I agree we should cutlist this until we can see this series first hand. Otherwise, it might as well be a Darth Wiki article for all the evidence.
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