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10:17:41 AM Oct 24th 2012
  • At the beginning of Part 7, Last Angry Geek appears to Luke after trying to talk to Film Brain instead. On the main page, it's said that this could be because LAG was Cloak #1 in Suburban Knights. I have another theory that would make more sense in my opinion. Film Brain just got detached from the dream amplifier. He saw very, very scary things in there. And traumatized people often act this way; they scream uncontrollably for a while before they can finally get back in control, and I think that's what happened here. It maybe had a little to do with Last Angry Geek, but really it's minor to what caused Film Brain to be so scared. Then again, that's interpretation, but I think that makes more sense than him screaming for the Suburban Knights reason.
06:30:29 AM Sep 19th 2012
Why when I try to add a 'Heel Face Revolving Door' entry about Darth Snob, it keeps being deleted ?
06:44:20 AM Sep 19th 2012
Check the history. I explain in edit reasons that it's on the character page and duplications are frowned upon.
08:28:08 AM Sep 19th 2012
Thanks a lot, I didn't see the 'History' icon until now. Very useful. Won't make the same mistake again. :)
06:41:52 PM Sep 16th 2012
There is a "no spoilers in the description" policy. I don't know if what is there can be unspoilered and left or should be deleted, either way it should be removed.
06:08:38 PM Sep 13th 2012
Can anyone tell me where to find all the songs used in the three trailers, and what their names are?
12:52:06 PM Sep 11th 2012
edited by Peteman
Does anyone else think "We Need a Distraction" sounds like "Holding Out For A Hero"?
01:29:36 AM Sep 11th 2012
Does the "Arc Word" trope really fit? "Remember" was only said in the first episode.
05:26:45 PM Sep 10th 2012
Question: Where exactly was it confirmed that Doug was doing Ma-Ti's voice and not Bhargav?
04:19:09 PM Aug 26th 2012
Is the mispelling of Terl as Turrell being done on purpose or should we fix it?
08:45:23 AM Aug 28th 2012
Spoony spelled it out that way in Part 1. But you bring up a good point, we need to find a solution here, right now the name is spelled in two different ways on different pages and that is just confusing. Do we go with the official spelling, I guess it comes from Battlefield Earth, or with the one they gave us in Part 1?
10:31:14 AM Aug 28th 2012
I'd go for the official "Terl", but that's mostly because it'd be a hilarious joke if he couldn't actually SPELL HIS NAME. Plus the official credits won't be out for a few weeks yet, so we can't have this confusion for that long.
10:33:06 AM Aug 28th 2012
Huh. I hadn't even thought about how that could link to his (yet unused in this special) running gag. Good catch.
10:33:12 AM Aug 28th 2012
Of course he can't spell his name, he spent that class learning how to conquer galaxies instead.
02:56:24 PM Aug 31st 2012
At this point, I think we should leave it as Terl until the final part and read the credits. Of course, that only begs for the Malecwhatever situation to show up again...
01:03:27 AM Sep 1st 2012
Well I'm glad to see I partially in some form started that piece of brilliance. So I agree on the spelling.
01:14:33 AM Sep 14th 2012
In the credits it's spelled Turrell. Sooooo
09:10:07 PM Aug 25th 2012
Does anyone know why it's taking so long for part 2 to come out? Is this a weekly thing?
09:12:37 PM Aug 25th 2012
edited by emeriin
It's coming out every three days, so part two will be Sunday night. Rob's post is here.
09:14:15 PM Aug 25th 2012
edited by joepro9950
gotcha, thanks!
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