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10:43:40 AM Feb 26th 2013
Pulled this:
  • Six Student Clique: Gender variant.
    • The Head: Codex
    • The Muscle: Bladezz
    • The Quirk: Zaboo
    • The Pretty One: Tink
    • The Smart One: Vork
    • The Wild One: Clara
      • Or Vork as The Head and Codex as The Smart One, if you prefer.
      • Could it be that Zaboo is actually The Muscle and Bladezz The Quirk ? Zaboo does have a tendency to be the one to "get things done by force," as shown in His "waterboarding" of Valkyrie and his actions during the con. Bladezz isn't so direct, and certainly fills some quirks
That's some first-class natter about who fits what. If it's that ambiguous, it probably isn't an example. Don't re-add it unless you are completely certain that it fits, and please provide an explanation for every character.
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