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02:30:42 AM Feb 21st 2015
Removed this example, because the trope requires intent and there is no evidence in the example writeup of intent:
  • Con Man: In addition to being a bit of a notorious "e-beggar," he has also, on numerous occasions, solicited funds for projects that never materialized, such as Free Speech Vids and the "atheist roadtrip."
04:09:16 PM Feb 19th 2015
edited by CrookedScum
Somebody needs to remove the "Con Man" bit, or at least add an addendum stating that there is more than one side to that particular issue (specifically the NotProductive and FreeSpeechVids controversies, which TJ addressed and explained multiple times). I would do it myself, but since the page is currently locked, I have no way of editing it.
04:08:06 AM Feb 20th 2015
The place to ask for edits is here.
02:04:48 PM Feb 20th 2015
Thank you. Sorry about the mix-up.
11:20:16 AM Nov 2nd 2014
The entry for the trope Hypocrite on here might be too controversial, since it's not an invocation of TJ but instead an opinion.
12:26:50 PM Nov 2nd 2014
Hm, is it factually inaccurate?
02:42:23 PM Jun 19th 2014
My review was deleted.
03:04:08 PM Jun 19th 2014
You ought to ask on Ask The Tropers.
09:53:22 AM Jun 19th 2014
No mention of his "They should give your rapist a fucking medal" adventure?
04:02:30 PM Dec 11th 2014
Lol there was last time i looked at his ymmv page, but it aint there now. Fans took it down i would imagine.
06:50:28 PM Dec 11th 2014
It was taken down because we only trope works, not the creator's behaviour outside it.
07:00:31 PM Jun 4th 2014
Why does the blurb read like an ad?
10:14:46 PM Jun 4th 2014
It doesn't read like an ad to me.
05:08:55 PM Oct 14th 2014
It reads very much like something that was written by a fan.
12:37:42 AM Oct 15th 2014
Sorry, still not seeing it.
12:09:13 PM Oct 10th 2012
Needs cleaned up, there's some stuff under "Dude Not Funny" on the YMMV page and "Awesome Moments" at the same time.
08:33:32 PM Feb 9th 2012
edited by ElectrumZephyr
I was the one who put the "Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped" entry under the YMMV page, about a couple of weeks ago. Now, I feel extremely uncomfortable about it for doing so, in light of recent events on reddit. If anyone wants it deleted, or wants me to delete it, it's fine with me. As far as I'm concerned, it qualifies as his official Dethroning Moment of Suck.
01:54:56 PM Feb 10th 2012
I think at the least, it would be wise to remove the line about "rape victims being told to simply dwell on the experience and blame it for failed relationships and the like". He's basically killed any credibility he might have had on that subject.
01:05:33 PM Feb 28th 2012
edited by ElectrumZephyr
Done. That aside, I would like to see the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment in place, since he and his material are more often than not engineered to be Flame Bait.
12:58:02 PM Oct 31st 2011
Uuuh, can we mention the recent Sex Tape he made?

Yeah, seriously, he laid out a video where he...uuuh...played, with a banana.
12:03:06 PM Nov 7th 2012
edited by sonofkong
That was real?!?!? I thought he made up the event.
06:34:30 PM Aug 5th 2010
This article is way too positive, this is a guy who admitted pedophillic sexual fantasies, said women want to be raped, and that being molested by a priest is less harmful than going to church. What the fuck is wrong with this site.
06:39:33 PM Aug 5th 2010
Really? I'm a self-professed hater of the "Amazing" atheist, and this article seems pretty neutral to me.
10:39:19 AM Sep 6th 2010
edited by SuiCaedere
He's not a pedophile he's (maybe?) an Ephebophile. But whatever.
04:28:19 PM Sep 22nd 2010
This article is too positive and I watch only his DW vidoes not AA wich supose be much worse.
10:51:43 AM Sep 23rd 2010
The AA videos have completely different topics and are more serious, not necessarily "worse". You are welcome to change the article if you can manage to stay neutral and give some decent reasons. This isnīt the TGWTG-forums, so leave the silly bashing there.
04:19:15 AM Nov 26th 2012
Why does it have to be neutral? some people are just terrible people and when you admit to being aroused by kids and think its okay to make fun of rape victims (he even laughs at child rape), then you don't deserve anything other than negativity. If you can't be negative, then someone needs to do a hitler rewrite and take out all the mentions of how he is "evil" and a "villain" because thats being negative.

05:36:23 PM Jan 31st 2013
First, we need to separate the discussion of the character and the actor; and also separate the work (his videos) from the stuff outside the work.

As for neutrality, there is no rule against pointing out the horrible things he says (like wishing that Jake Lloyd would become a heroin addict for playing Anakin Skywalker), so long as he actually said them (no making up quotes). The rule is that you can't write on the page that T.J. is a horrible, repulsive, jerk; because those are subjective statements. You can write down and post the horrible, repulsive, jerkish things he says (like that comment about wanting to round up fans of Transformers 2, revenge of the fallen and put them into concentration camps), however.

You don't have to call him a jerk by posting negative opinions on the main page; his own statements should be more than enough to make your point for you.
12:00:39 AM Jun 6th 2010
Thanks for the clean-up, Fast Eddie! I'm still getting a hang of page-editing.
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