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09:34:15 PM Jan 17th 2015
01:56:30 AM Jan 18th 2015
Simply note on the page that they left.
04:49:33 PM Jun 20th 2013
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I'm trying to decide what to pothole "[Shows that were] cut down in their prime" to. Ideas? (NOT Too Good to Last)
11:07:00 PM Jan 20th 2015
What's wrong with TGTL? It's accurate, it's her opinion, and the other two things there are YMMV things already.
11:51:26 PM Apr 11th 2013
Is there anywhere online that has the original, unedited version of Lupa's Max Hell: Frog Warrior review? I don't expect to find it on blip or Springboard, but I really have my doubts that no one downloaded the video before it got taken down.
02:18:31 PM Jun 3rd 2015
I actually wouldn't be surprised if nobody did. Lupa's not really as popular as the Cinema Snob or Nostalgia Critic where people are downloading all of her videos the second they come out, and it's not like Max Hell is a big milestone review for her like The Room for NC or particularly noteworthy like Grizzly 2 for Snob.
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