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03:31:14 AM May 28th 2013
I have a feeling Grenier Took The Comedy Seriously with Batman: The Movie. None of what happens in the movie is more outlandish than the 60s series itself.
07:29:37 AM May 2nd 2012
I actually disagree about him when it comes to The Smurfs being, according to him, harder than Tintin in Tibet.

True, there was a lot of Trial-and-Error Gameplay in The Smurfs, especially in the last level (it was the kind of game where passwords are useless because you need to rack up as many Extra Lives as possible during the early levels to spend them all on the last one), but I could finish it even in Hard mode.

In Tintin In Tibet, I couldn't pass level 5 in Easy. Or with the password to the mountain, the chorten level (the previous level had an awesome music, though).
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