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08:42:10 AM May 10th 2017
edited by TyeDyeWildebeest
Phew! Just did a complete page overhaul. For the most part, I just expanded on Zero Context Examples, got rid of broken web links, fixed the formatting, and eliminated any mention of examples being "recent". However, I also deleted a few examples I found to be invalid, and I'll explain my reasoning here:

Adorkable: Should only refer to characters who are seen as this in-universe, not by the audience.

Badass Beard: Jake is about the furthest thing from a badass you could imagine.

Bare Your Midriff: Only refers to when the trope is used for fanservice.

Beware the Nice Ones: Amir is by no means a Nice Guy. Jake even notes in ďBlood DonationĒ that he canít think of a single nice thing Amir has done for anyone.

Cool Uncle: The video linked is not an episode of Jake and Amir; itís just a cute video of Amir (out of character) entertaining his niece.

Eye Scream: Doesnít actually happen in the episode; Jake just describes Lasik eye surgery in a really graphic way.

Flanderization: YMMV trope, does not belong on the main page.

The "Fun" in "Funeral": Amirís auntís funeral happens entirely offscreen and we donít hear about anything funny happening during it.

In Da Club: Just because ďInterpreters Part 4" takes place in a club doesnít mean it qualifies for the trope. The trope is about an idealized portrayal of clubbing, and in the episode nothing goes right for either of the protagonists.

Juggling Loaded Guns: In the two examples provided, Amirís carelessness with the gun isnít over-the-top enough to qualify for this trope.

No Social Skills: The first example was fine. The second example was a Zero-Context Example with two links- one broken, and one where Jake was more of a Casanova Wannabe than a social alien.

Our Ghosts Are Different: This one I wasnít actually sure about deleting. Does the mere fact that the work has ghosts in it make it qualify for the trope? Regardless, itís a Zero-Context Example, so I commented it out.

Replacement Goldfish: Itís a replacement for a loved one who died, not a coworker/friend whoís just indisposed.

Ship Tease: Ho Yay aside, those episodes imply that Jake may like Amir as a friend, not as a romantic partner.

And that's it! Let me know if there are any questions or concerns.
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