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10:35:41 PM Sep 26th 2015
Just a question: this page lists 'The Girlfriend Experience' as a lost episode, claiming it only exists with commentary. Except I found a copy without commentary on vk.com.

Does this not count?
12:13:32 AM Dec 22nd 2014
Does anyone have a current link to "My Toy Collection for a Horse"? The link in the intro ("dissertation") is dead, the Wayback Machine doesn't have the page archived, and the only links Google gives me are to the same (now dead) page.
07:45:39 AM Jan 5th 2014
Is there a reason Ven Gethenian's got male pronouns? I've always assumed they were female, especially considering that their relationship with their wife is considered proof of an authoritative perspective on lesbian relationships. Just checking that we're not misgendering.
08:54:18 AM Feb 8th 2014
Only because (s)he prefers it that way, as far as I know.
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