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07:46:22 PM Sep 6th 2014
It seems that Firefox can't play YT videos anymore. There's just a blank window where the video should be. I just don't know what went wrong. At least it works on Chromium, which I have installed for some reason.
01:26:37 AM Sep 7th 2014
That seems like a problem with your browser. That said, you'll receive more help if you ask here.
10:07:27 PM Aug 19th 2013
This page feels kinda subjective towards the view point that you can sell out before you realize it. In actuality, ad revenue keeps a lot of channels stable and active. Does youtube really ban political incorrectness? Amazing Atheist still exists.

Keep the subjective stuff in the subjective category. You can keep it on the main article. It need not be a separate page, just title a paragraph 'subjective' and include all the subjective opinions of the post '06 youtube verse.
08:35:28 AM Apr 11th 2014
Agreed. Also, is there any reason that this trope page has a distinct lack of tropes?
09:05:00 AM Apr 11th 2014
Because most tropes are in the vids, not the site as a whole.
09:39:32 AM May 4th 2013
I think we should make articles about unpopular people on websites, series by those people, and other stuff about them. That way people could probably become the next big thing thanks to this website!
09:55:17 AM May 4th 2013
If you want to make pages about obscure people, go ahead, sticking to the Work Page Guidelines and Creator Page Guidelines, of course. However, (a) I don't see a need for a drive to do so, and (b) TV Tropes isn't as popular as all that.
10:08:53 PM Aug 19th 2013
Yeah, it needs to have the title of the obscure person, and not thrown in subjectively into an article about the history of a website everyone is familiar with.
12:48:19 PM Jan 11th 2012
Once again, this page has become unwieldy and filled with rambling natter. I'm going to take a crack at the page later and see if I can condense most of it.
09:14:31 AM Mar 4th 2011
edited by crazyrabbits
Holy crap, this page is an eyesore to read. I'm going to try and cut down/condense some of these examples when I get the time.

EDIT: There, I've taken care of a lot of the page. It appears that there was a lot of snarky bitching and examples of popular videos posted by users who were trying to promote their own works. It looks a lot cleaner now.
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