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10:56:03 PM Jul 25th 2015
edited by TrevorIsOurBoy
Hey so a while back, I made my own mockup of suicide mouse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXiUwblwaVk&feature=youtu.be Its here to watch. I'm just wondering if this mockup can be added here. It's pretty accurate.
11:31:59 AM May 24th 2015
edited by Danfun64
Although I can't speak russian, I have to ask. Of the translations of "the sights of hell bring its viewers back in" found on the internet, which is the most accurate?

врата ада манят любопытных это

визирования ада приносят своих телезрителей назад внутри

достопримечательности ада принести своим зрителям еще в

Also, can someone post accurate translations of each of these sentences? Thanks!
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