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05:08:02 AM Apr 23rd 2012
I've got to ask: does anybody know if they've tried to do work on My Immortal? Or is it considered and Eldritch Location? Because I think that sounds like it would be the funniest thing ever.
04:56:03 AM May 2nd 2012
Last I heard, it'd been claimed but the mission hasn't been released yet. I might be wrong, though.
10:58:29 AM Dec 18th 2012
My Immortal's page in the PPC's wiki says it was claimed, but there's nothing about that claim in the Claimed Badfic page, so I guess the person who claimed it disappeared.
08:21:27 AM Sep 6th 2016
Iximaz, who did Rose Potter, Little Miss Mary, and My Inner Life, plans to do it for her 100th mission
09:52:16 PM Dec 14th 2011
Pointing this out here since the entire T Vtropes seems to mostly not notice...isnt this entire thing just fic? Its Hate Fic with God Mode Sues going into other fanfiction to wreck shit. Not that it cant be entertaining to read, but it seems wierdly hypocritical.
02:37:54 AM Jan 3rd 2012
edited by Zadia
I can see your point, but ultimately, no. It's more hardcore criticism. That, and the agents aren't God Mode Sues and they don't wreck shit, they solve problems by removing them.
06:06:41 AM Dec 18th 2012
I have a question sort of on these lines (so I'll post it here? I think that's how this works?). I would more like to ask if this is actually being done on fanfics that the authors have consented to or nominated for or something? I'll explain: I haven't written any fanfics so I don't know if I've actually got a point here or not, but I'd imagine that the point is that you take a premise and then you tell a story that you want to tell with it. No matter how bad the fanfic is, it is still this person's story, one that they want to tell either for themselves or for a specific group, and, well, 1) to take possession of it to make jokes without their say-so seems unfair and rather painful for the author (it's not like doing this kind of thing to published or syndicated works which is different), but 2) the author's use of the canon might be to a certain niche group (shipping pairings, AU, or even fetishes or something like that) where the point isn't the sanctity of canon but a particular angle or interpretation, so the entire process seems pointless if the fanfic isn't meant to be read outside the specific group that enjoys that (I know that considering the target group is important in evaluating any work so I assume it's no different for fanfic). A review on a work pointing out its flaws and how it can be improved is one thing, but I got the feeling that this is different...?

My knowledge of PPC is limited to my impressions off the main page, so I'm trying to sound things out a bit. I haven't seen what they do with the works or what works they use so I really don't have a clue how they work it. The entire thing sounds really interesting so I'd like to check it out, I'm just kind of on the fence at the moment.

Also, I'd have thought that whatever the fanfic author does with the canon, the quality of the fic itself as a story would be important, not how well they preserve the source material? I ask this because if a fanfic is taking someone else's ideas and molding them with your own ideas, then aren't you expected to change the canon...? (I don't know if the fanfic community at large actually values preserving canon integrity so that might actually be a thing, I just honestly don't know.)

(Er... sorry for the really long post. I have a terrible habit with doing this. I'm working on it, really!)
11:13:11 AM Dec 18th 2012
Well... first of all, let me point you toward the PPC's 'For Other People' FAQ, which might answer some of your questions. Also:
1) that's why the PPC is a 'friend brings a friend' community, and aside from its page here and some connections to GAFF and Miss Cam, it's practically unknown. Also, the PPC does not go after authors. It goes after bad fanfiction. I know having a story of yours parodied/criticised can hurt (I regularly submit what I write to beta reading, and one of the people who semi-regularly betas my stuff is pretty blunt), but if you've written something bad, that's your problem.
2) That's irrelevant. AUs, shipping, what-have-you, can be done in good ways. For example, Game Theory is a Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha AU!fic which disregards canon when its author thinks it's needed and has quite a lot of worldbuilding behind it. Guess what? It's awesome, because it's well-written and the changes in canon are logical (aside from the For Want of a Nail premise which does not get an explanation, but that's a Necessary Weasel). Or take BagEnders. It's Crack!fic of the crackiest kind, but it's considered goodfic because it's well written and funny. However, it's usually done badly. I know of a 'fic that is supposedly a MGLN x Halo crossover... but all of the MGLN characters that appear in it and have more than one dialogue are In-Name-Only, and it contains so much trivialised violence and genocide (I kid you not; you can PM me for the link) it's a horrifying if boring read. Also, regarding fetishes: Your Kink is not My Kink. But writing slash/fetishes does not mean you can throw characters OOC for the heck of it. Those characters aren't the ficcers' property, and they're supposed to be certain characters (Elladan and Elrohir are not gay, so if you want them to be, you have to make up a really good reason, for example).
3) As I've said before: Canon should be preserved unless you have a good reason and explanation why you don't do it (GT's logic, or BagEnders' Rule of Funny). Remember: it's called fanfiction for a reason.
10:13:25 PM Dec 18th 2012
Thankyou for pointing me towards the FAQ! I really didn't know about that, so thankyou, it does help a lot!!

Okay, so most of my concerns are answered right at the outset. I didn't know this was taking place in fanfiction.net. I misunderstood and thought it was a net-wide pheonomena, with them going around to all places where fanfiction is posted and forcing a "review" onto the author without their consent. That's why I was a bit on-the-fence. Fanfiction.net is a completely different story because you sign up for review and critical reception. I was thinking about people writing stories in forums just for a certain Shipping niche or something and not consenting to their work being used for PPC.

I really was asking because I had no idea so I was wandering how the whole thing works. I've got a much better idea now, so thankyou!

Just on 2) Your example with Game Theory was exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of: a well-written fanfic that uses the canon as a springboard. I wanted to know whether they'd rip apart a good work of literature for the sake of preserving canon. That was really where I was going with this one.

Last point, I didn't mean to insinuate that the characters or canon are the ficcer's property (writing the character OOC is not writing the character by definition I would have thought), just that the ficcer's story was theirs (I was mainly worried about consent issues with that, which aren't actually relevant because its fanfiction.net and you consent to critique when you submit). Obviously if you're basing the premise for your fanfiction on someone else's work, you should respect the source material. I was thinking about how easily you can deviate from canon. Thankyou for explaining. (I am now armed with FAQ!!)

Also thankyou for the links to the good fanfics!
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