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06:18:28 PM Aug 23rd 2016
Not convinced "but my mercy has some practical limitations" etc is a "Bond One Liner" as per link, since Rev -didn't- (and so far hasn't?) kill the fellow but instead renders him to custody. Not a pre-mortem one-liner as we define it either. Which makes it?- not sure.
01:52:55 AM Jan 2nd 2015
I know "TV Tropes 2.0" change is going to knock things for a loop, but right now the main page is at about 350k characters. When pages get up to 400k characters the code starts hiccuping, and outright breaking when things hit 500k.

Given that it'll be at least a few months before the change, and the comic isn't likely to go totally stagnant as far as trope example generation goes, I'm thinking we should not wait for things to start going pear-shaped, and hard split the page.

As I was incredibly bored and unable to sleep, I whipped up sample sandboxed pages: A to E (~113k), F to O (~120k), and P to Z (~114k)

(Also, ignore the letters mentioned in the URLs for the subpages. Those are kind of an Artifact Title from my initial thoughts on where to split).

Any thoughts/issues/invitations to anatomically improbable sex acts with barnyard animals?
03:14:25 PM Apr 23rd 2014
I was going to add What Could Have Been, since we never find out why Brad had his growth stunted, nor do we ever really learn anything about Shep's symbiote. But I realized these might have been covered in the bonus material, which I haven't read. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me?
09:19:35 PM Apr 30th 2014
No, neither Brad's nor Shep's backstories are covered in any of the bonus material in the print books.

They're not, however, What Could Have Been, as nothing the author has said on the forums has suggested that there was something different planned for them than what actually made it into the strip.
05:49:29 AM May 6th 2013
edited by
I pulled part of the Blue and Orange Morality entry because the parts I removed don't really say how the trope applies to them, making them essentially Zero Context Examples. I'd provide the context, but it's been a while since I've re-read the earlier strips, so my memory is probably going to be rather less than perfect on the subjects.

The original entry, atrocious formatting and all:

* BlueAndOrangeMorality: The Fleetmind, the F'Sherl-Ganni, the Pa'anuri. This [[http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2009-09-13 strip]] in which the Reverend Theo Fobius mentions measuring sticks with evil clearly marked upon them, all of differing lengths, some of which measure in directions perpendicular to reality.
** Also, [[http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2009-04-25 Schlock's moral compass]]

(And before putting stuff in, PLEASE read Example Indentation first. That was easily the biggest "sin" of the original entry.)
11:10:27 AM May 9th 2013
edited by
I've restored a better reference to Moral Compass.

I don't think the F'Sherl-Ganni qualify; they may be Black and Gray Morality, but I'm not seeing Blue and Orange Morality. I think http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2006-04-07 is the best reference for F'Sherl-Ganni morality. By the same comic, Petey doesn't qualify.

Pa'anuri also probably don't qualify. What little we know of them is that their language refers to "US" and "ANNOYING", and the punishment for advancing into the radio age is death-by-supernova. This is, as I see it, just an extreme version of a comprehensible morality: Kill everything that isn't us.
09:10:20 PM Sep 24th 2014
Okay, who's this asshole that keeps putting two word titles into one word? It happened to Pacific Rim, too Apparently fixed but seriously, it's slightly (or if you're me) very annoying
09:12:01 PM Sep 24th 2014
Unless somehow it's a glitch or bug of some sort... I'm sorry this is unrelated to the topic but I'm a bit of a blind fool when unnecessarily angry and I only saw "reply to the topic above"
01:02:08 AM Sep 25th 2014
Nah, you just hit the wrong reply button. And yeah, keep the anger to yourself please.

Anyhow, Google has recently given us problems with the capitalization of work page links and thus with the page titles.
07:27:23 PM Sep 25th 2014
Okay well thanks. How do I delete posts?
09:14:51 PM Sep 25th 2014
The most you can do is blank them, using the pencil-looking icon next to the timestamp and history button (the open book icon). That history button will show anyone who clicks it what was there previously, however, so it's not much of a protection against moments of slipping up. Really, "suck it up and carry on" is about the best reaction. Everyone has an occasional moment of going full retard.
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