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10:41:08 PM Jan 18th 2011
Pause and consider: Piro is a mangafied Gallagher, Largo is a mangafied Caston. Piro's life is one long Humiliation Conga, including his Expansion Pack Past. Largo now has a tolerant hot girlfriend who accompanies him on wild rides through the city on top of trains and buses.

I get the feeling that whatever falling-out Gallagher and Caston had was much more complicated that was let on.
01:22:12 PM Jun 10th 2010
I've got to say, that entry for Back from the Dead made me laugh.
07:41:55 AM Apr 21st 2010
edited by Samaliel
Regarding Snow Means Love: This strip and this sketch both predate the Mac Hall Crossover, if only by a few months. Moreover, it had to be a noticeable trait of Piro's beforehand for McConville to joke about it.
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