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05:12:23 AM Jul 5th 2012
I am surprised at how the fact that Nathan bragged about his affair with Linda was glossed over on the comic. That's some grade-A selfishness and jerkishness right there... And yet, Bianca rants only at Linda (who, to be fair, IS a manipulative bitch), as if Nathan was innocent of the whole thing.
05:50:11 PM May 23rd 2014
As far as I'm aware, the reason Bianca only ranted at Linda was because she saw her as a potential threat to her and her fiancée. However I have to agree that both of candi's rivals (Linda and Rebecca) are portrayed very unsympathetically and their ideas/opinions tend to be written off as inherently wrong.
07:22:11 AM May 1st 2012
I am loving how so many fans have no problems accepting a talking ferret with psychic powers and an equally intelligent squirrel with eye beams, but balk at them producing offspring together.
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