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10:59:49 AM Mar 3rd 2013
In defense of the moderators in TOME under the Police Are Useless trope. Most MMO's don't ban IP addresses anymore because there's a chance of them banning places with lots of people, like universities, with a shared IP, where they could get lots of business. Plus anyone can just make a proxy to get around an IP ban. So instead they ban player accounts. Which explains why Pawneeko only needs to make a new account to come back.

That doesn't make it better that they don't listen to players complaints. A competent moderator team should have a different staff team for working on the tournament, so that they still have people for moderating players.
01:24:18 AM Mar 17th 2013
It's not that they don't listen, it's just that they don't believe the players when they say an element of the game physically harmed them.
12:45:10 PM Dec 5th 2012
How do we make a Headscratchers page for this?
01:16:12 PM Dec 5th 2012
Go here and start editing.
11:10:09 PM Nov 16th 2012
Could it be possible the GC is a bot? That would explain why he doesn't know how to show emotions and why he couldn't hang out IRL.
11:18:42 AM Oct 1st 2012
In Episode 2 of the remake, why was GC going into the mansion? I know that Nylocke and Kirb were following him, but why was he going there in the first place?

And in Episode 3, did Demonking ever get a replacement job? Because if not, Nylocke basically convinced him to quit the only job that would have gotten him back into whatever school he was at.

This story has quite a few other smaller holes too, but there are way too many to mention...

05:49:15 AM Nov 6th 2012
GC never revealed why, maybe he'll reveal it later.

And I'm guessing that Demonking did get a replacement job, but he's a minor character so it may not be mentioned outside of a Q&A with Kirbopher. The guy who makes the series, not the character.
04:24:59 AM Aug 11th 2012
Anyone know where I can find the three part movie? I'm watching TTA for the first time and figured I'd watch it, but I can't find it.
12:47:55 AM Dec 31st 2012
You can watch the movies here-> http://www.mugenevolution.co.uk/TailsClock/tta_eps.html

As far as I know that's the only place you can find them.
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