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12:52:55 PM Feb 21st 2013
Good God, guys, do we really need so many spoiler tags? It's a series of short videos. Plus, a few things from as early as SHED.MOV are still spoilered! Why?
08:33:21 PM Jan 30th 2013
I've been working on cleaning up the whole page for consistency, removal of cruft, and other stuff. I was also thinking of using this page quote:

Twilight: Dear sweet Celestia! Discord, the god of chaos, has returned from his stone imprisonment to lay waste to everything and everyone we hold dear! Spike, we have only one option: We must locate the Elements of Harmony!
Spike: (lights and smokes a bong) Yeah. Far out, dude.
11:37:07 AM Aug 13th 2012
Ok, what does everyone think about adding a Characters page?
12:01:36 PM Jun 17th 2012
Finally, my extensive knowledge of tropes associated with Lovecraftian literature have come into good use. Appelox, I shall have a field day with your characterisation!

On a conversational note, does anyone have any recommendations or bits of data to add regarding his character?