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07:25:03 AM Aug 20th 2014
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I think this page is suffering from a bad case of self-fulfilling spoilers due to disproportionate lengths of character names. Might I suggest that the results be put in notes instead of spoilers?
07:40:10 AM Jun 23rd 2014
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Mods please delete this post.
02:11:43 PM Mar 25th 2014
  • Is it just me, or do a lot of people feel uncomfortable about video game characters being on the show? I mean, how are you supposed to judge someone's skills when they are tied directly to an outside force? How do you determine a character's fighting style and their favorite strategies when it's the player who makes all the decisions?
02:11:08 PM Mar 25th 2014
  • I don't mean to seem like I'm injecting Fan Dumb and Hate Dumb into this discussion, but is anyone getting tired of how they will make it seem that the two combatants are evenly matched in the character rundowns, only to explain after the battle that the winner had some ability or skill that would have made the outcome obvious if you had known it from the start? If I had known Tails could move 10 tons, I would have picked him. They never made any special mention of his strength in the rundowns so I assumed it was ordinary (I assumed he was about as strong as a human his age and size), and my entire bet rode on Luigi overpowering Tails with his strength in close combat (they did, after all, show Luigi punching someone so far away they disappeared from sight).
    • Some other examples of the deciding factors being made apparent only after the battle include the infamous Peach vs. Zelda battle (in which the hosts explain that they took a move from a sports-centric spinoff game and gave Peach a kick that could explode a human head), the Goku vs. Superman battle (where it was only after the fight that they broke out the calculators to determine Superman was just in an entirely different class than his opponent), the Thor vs. Raiden battle (where it was only after the fight that the the true power of Thor and the Mjolnir hammer was revealed), the Mike Haggar vs. Zangief battle (where it was revealed that Zangief was much stronger, being capable of wrestling 1000+ pound bears which are far more dangerous and heavier than Haggar's sharks), and the Strider vs. Ryu battle (where after the fight they revealed that while the loser could cut through a human body with his sword, the winner could do the same with his bare hand).

08:43:31 AM Jan 19th 2013
Should we add fanfic recs to fanmade death battles?
01:37:28 AM Nov 6th 2013
I would say so. Maybe we should also have a recap page?
08:23:01 AM Oct 21st 2012
Should we add a character page for DB? Two separate folders, the hosts (wiz and boomstick), and the actual fighters. My reasoning is that many tropes apply to the fighters via a single episode and would be rather questionable and unorganised to put it on the main page. One example is regarding doomguys chainsaw that was never used in the actual fight.

Maybe we should put a warning sign at the top of the page saying not to put tropes applying to the fighters that was not mentioned or displayed in the episode, any tropes that still apply to them but are not shown should just be kept in their own page on this site... so should we give it a go?
01:39:21 AM Sep 21st 2012
There has to be a Trope we can use for the unmitigated disappointment that was the Blanka vs. Pikachu "fight". Anticlimax maybe? There has to be some sort of trope for a piece of crap like that.... "fight". And I use the word loosely.
07:20:00 PM Sep 21st 2012
I thought the ending was kinda hillarious. If a bit expected in the terms of 'Pikachu wouldn't win the fight'.
05:04:54 PM Sep 22nd 2012
I didn't watch, but one of the points is that Pikachu is dependent on Ash for instructions. Is it me, or are they unaware of the fact that Pikachu has instigated rebellions against the villainous team of the day (usually Rocket) when isolated from Ash, especially in that one Unova episode?
07:33:08 PM Sep 24th 2012
Who knows, but even in fights where they had the likes of Raiden versus Thor they had a better fight. There has to be a trope or something for that.
10:04:20 PM Mar 26th 2013
Gee thanks.
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