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01:36:20 PM Aug 28th 2017
edited by MagBas
  • Warping the warp: Bad people deserve to get away with their heinous deeds, because punishing them makes you just as bad as they are.

This was in Pay Evil unto Evil, but this not sounds as warping Pay Evil unto Evil but yes warping the Pay Evil unto Evil warp above. In other words, sounds as natter.
02:24:50 AM Aug 29th 2017
People put "warping the warp" all the time. Per rules, If this one gets deleted, then so should the others.

Irreverent topic: while two wrongs don't make a right, this doesn't excuse evil people getting away with heinous deeds.
08:05:58 PM Aug 29th 2017
Well, this was the only "warping the warp" in this page, at least. I questioned this in Ask The Tropers because, despite this sounding as natter, i do not know well the rules of the Darth Wiki.
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