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10:28:37 AM Mar 1st 2013
The entry about Hunico's moveset getting changed - he turned from face to heel. Heels don't wrestle with high flying moves (and if they do, they don't quite understand the point of being a heel) so that's why he's using a mat-based style. Flashy high flying moves are used only by faces because the crowd loves them and pops for them. Hence why villains don't do them.
05:29:24 PM Feb 3rd 2013
Pretty obvious sure but Jesus CHRIST is this page Natter Incarnate! you've got Justifying Edits all over the damn place.
04:17:23 AM Feb 10th 2012
You know what Headscratchers me (;)) now about this page, now that it's locked? The page quote, unlike what it's entry says, was very sensible! You see, The Rock was in a feud with The British Bulldog! And they were in Atlanta, so Rocky name-dropped the Georgia Bulldogs!

Okay, relevant trope.
12:30:30 PM Apr 27th 2011
The problem is that outside of Del Rio and Rhodes none of the new guys have gotten over at Smackdown. Jack Swagger has been reduced to a joke, Wade Barret has been buried and just typing in Drew Mcintyre on TV Tropes will show you how negative fan reaction to this guy is. Right now the main event heels on Smackdown appear to be Cody Rhodes, Seamus, and Mark Henry. When has Mark Henry ever been over enough to Main Event a major show? If Daniel Bryan, Wade Barret and Seamus are successfully re-pushed, and Cody Rhodes keeps on rising, then the draft will have worked.
04:29:08 AM Apr 26th 2011
While I won't remove it I should mention that R-Truth appears to be developing into an excellent heel. R-Truth put together a really good promo where he tells the fans to shut up because his tired of trying to please him (the match with John Morrison is an example), and getting nothing in return, and now his going to be looking out for himself. John Morrison than attacked him to continue their feud. It was a lot better than WWE hoping that the audience remembers the Miz and Morrison matchup, and Cena's feud with the Rock that Miz occasionally took part of.