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04:51:49 AM Jan 19th 2014
What happen to the "Dead Bart" quote that was on the page long time ago?
05:22:03 AM Jan 19th 2014
It was probably removed for being stupid. I mean, seriously? You actually fell for that creepypasta?
06:48:32 PM Jan 19th 2014
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What?! Of course not. Why would I fall for that?

There was a quote from 4Chan users commenting on "The Boys of Bummer" episode: "This sounds like a shitty creepypasta. It's Dead Bart all over again."
07:58:02 AM Jan 21st 2014
Oh, sorry - I wasn't referring to you, I thought you were talking about the question about whether Dead Bart is real or not, but then I realized that was on the Headscratchers page, not the Wallbangers one.

Anyway, I deleted the Dead Bart quote because it was yet more hyperbole about "The Boys of Bummer". I think the current one fits better, as it's an actual line from the show, like on the DMOS page.
01:41:40 PM Sep 24th 2013
  • "The Monkey Suit" falls flat on its face by its sheer premise. Teaching the Bible in schools violates the separation of Church and State. Secondly, we've already had the 'Monkey Trial', in 1925, and not only THAT, Creationism / Intelligent Design were already brought before court and shown that they weren't admissible for education. Look up the case of Kent Hovind, you stupid writers.
    • This troper suspects the writers knew all that, and figured hey, Rule of Funny (as far as the Constitution goes, this is the show where one town never repealed the Eighteenth Amendment). In fact, rather than being unaware of the Scopes trial, the episode was an intentional homage to the case and Inherit the Wind; Lisa's lawyer is even named Clarice Drummond, a play on Clarence Darrow and his fictional counterpart Henry Drummond.
    • Also, the precedent of the Monkey Trial does not in any way preclude a law like this being made. There is no Supreme Court Police that would lay the smack down on a town for passing this law, although it wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell once it were eventually brought before the Supreme Court.
    • For both this and the following "Bart the Murderer" posts, it's important to remember that this is Springfield, where they sacrifice goats to scare off eclipses and have rioting as an official hobby.
      • There's also a scene in season six's "A Star is Burns" (the infamous Simpsons-The Critic crossover that Matt Groening wanted no part of [hence, the removal of his name in the credits]) where the town tries to have Skinner burned at the stake for saying the Earth revolves around the Sun.
    Grandpa: [to Cameraman] YOU'VE STOLEN MY SOUL!

Half of this is natter and the other half is a fair enough justification for the original post.
12:47:02 AM Jun 19th 2013
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"The Old Man And Lisa"

What always got me about that episode is Lisa is supposed to be the smart one. Yet not only is her father in the hospital, and Burns' 'job benefits' are routinely shown to be between a joke and non-existent, but she completely ignores that she could have used that money to oppose Burns' sea net. Founding an organization to oppose Burns' sea-life hogging policy while simultaneously looking for a more practical way to obtain the same or similar benefits without the ocean-wiping horror would be an immensely sensible use of the money, and worth a fortune in advertising because media would just eat up the irony. But not only is status quo god, but that would be a illustrating a compromise between industry and the save-the-earth types, and Simpsons' writers aren't known for a track record of showing such middle-ground solutions.

"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Frankly, it comes across as though Homer was being set up for the demise of the company -and Herb figured out that Homer was dumb enough to accept the blame.
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