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01:28:16 AM Jul 6th 2012
It's too bad the page is still locked, Madison Rayne's crush turning out to be Earl Hebner should definitely be on here.
01:51:32 AM Jul 6th 2012
^You need to write a complete example, then submit it here
09:57:19 PM Jul 8th 2012
Did not know that, thank you!
10:16:29 PM Apr 30th 2012
On the subject of WCW, the cancellation of WCW broadcasting despite its supposedly being one of the more popular programs on TNT and TBS could arguably be considered a wallbanger. It resulted in a once-proud promotion (which had actually given the WWF a run for its money for a long time) becoming little more than a brand, allowing it to be bought for next to nothing, which resulted in probably the single biggest source of head-shaped craters in pro-wrestling history: the Invasion.
07:18:44 PM Jan 27th 2012
A face was finally genre savvy enough to run when the big bad monster was coming, Eve Torres didn't even wait for Kane to get to the ramp.