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10:26:43 AM Sep 10th 2015
edited by CabbitGirlEmi
I get the feeling that Meta Wailord does not like Clemont. He's one of my favorite Gym Leaders, and most likely my favorite Electric-type Leader up there with Elesa.
11:13:35 AM Jan 29th 2015
Gee, sure looks like the Farfetch'd example is attracting everyone who thinks Justifying Edits are a-okay despite the main page saying they're not.
04:08:55 PM Apr 17th 2013
Okay, who thinks the writers are trolling us now?
07:08:52 PM May 15th 2012
edited by ManwiththePlan
Look, people may try to argue otherwise, but I still think the Misaltron Gym plot, particularly in the "Cilan Takes Flight" episode (which was a terribly written episode), was a total Wallbager.

Skyla didn't want to battle at all, which is a different beast - she was giving out badges undeserved rather than taking potential challengers seriously.

I'm not arguing that's not wrong, but there still had to be a better way to deal with this situation than just telling Skyla "NO, your methods are WRONG, bitch! REAL battles are the only way to go! Badges shouldn't be given for free! How DARE you!" Look, Skyla's thinking may be flawed, but she had good reasons for doing what she did: they oughta have tried a better way of compromising with her so she could make time for gym battles and flying planes. Or try to find when and when not an Air Battle is appopriate.

Cilan has brothers minding the Gym while he takes, essentially, a leave of absence to hone his skills and gain experience - if you want to criticise him, then why don't you get on the case of Fantina (in Sinnoh) for going out to train for long periods so much that challengers needed reservations and "tickets" to battle her.

But what if someone (say, someone with a water pokemon) came to Striaton Gym looking to challenge Cilan only to find out he wasn't there? In fact, that's what happened with Cabernet! This doesn't make Cilan going out travelling and pursuing his hobbies bad, but it's still something Cilan oughta consider before he gets on his high horse and chews someone else out for doing something similar. And at least Fantina gave tickets!

Also, Cilan's "smugness" as you put it isn't different from several other Gym Leaders and trainers - the difference is that Skyla was using it to prove that challengers were beneath her and refusing to battle, while Cilan still did his duty as a Gym Leader in battling to the end - even if he was Not So Different, he still had the moral high ground here.

First off, Skyla never came across as thinking her challengers were "beneath her". If her Air Battles determined the challenger was stronger, she was like "Aw well, my loss. Here, the badge is yours." And if they determined the challenger was weaker, she'd say they weren't skilled enough, as any Gym Leader would. It was only when someone got up in her face about her methods that she suddendly acted like a cocky Jerk Ass. And while she was certainly reprehensible, Cilan didn't have the moral high ground either: he was just behaving vindictive and immature.

As for Iris, it's not like she disagreed with Ash and Cilan - I'd put her as being a little baffled by how the guys were treating Gym matches as Serious Business, but [[YMMV that's just me]].

But she barely spoke up about the situation or contributed to it at all when she should have at least tried! In fact, at one point, she even says she can see benefits in what Skyla is doing. And if there was ever a time where Iris should have called everyone involved a kid, it was this. And yet nothing. Iris got a total shaft here.

And finally, Mile came off as weary and tired more than satisfied - how can he do much when he's tried to tell her to change her ways but failed? Remember he was displeased to announce her victory over Cilan?

I never said he was "satisfied": only that he was the only one initially willing to just let the whole thing go because he didn't see a point in trying to continue arguing with Skyla. He didn't LIKE what Skyla was doing (and really, why should he?) but he did consider that maybe her challengers were fine with it and he was just "out of touch with today's kids". So he was trying to be mature about it and let Skyla do her own thing no matter how misguided.
03:31:46 AM Jun 24th 2012
You actually make some good points there, I'll admit. I wasn't entirely happy with the whole thing either, but I'd rather look at the positives than focus too much on the flaws in the script - at least she wasn't as grating as Erika. Skyla still seemed relatively like a Nice Girl for the most part, unlike how the original series handled a certain Grass-type Gym Leader.

Even before this discussion, I honestly believed that Skyla would've benefitted from three episodes instead of two - they could've used the time to give her a compromise between her duties and her desires, but nooo... I just hope this sort of thing doesn't happen again, but I won't hold my breath.
03:32:30 AM Jun 24th 2012
I guess we're all just entitled to our opinions, eh?
07:45:53 AM Apr 7th 2011
Don't forget all of the Team Rocket character development that just went down the drain.
06:52:40 PM May 15th 2012
^ What's that even mean? The fact that they never ever learn from their mistakes?
07:25:43 AM May 16th 2012
I think this was meant to be a complaint about the period of time in Unova when they reverted from being competent badasses to being Team Rocket again, by someone who didn't know that they could add it themselves. It ended up on the page anyway.
10:43:15 AM May 16th 2012
edited by ManwiththePlan
But...they're always Team Rocket. And I wouldn't say it was development that went down the drain seeing as there was a given reason for it (Giovanni was too busy to give them missions) and they at least didn't go back to being totally ineffectual idiots repeating the same gags over and over. They still took things seriously, kept their gear and jetpacks and everything. And that phase didn't last too long once Dr Zager started getting more involved in overseeing the trio's missions. And of course, being competent doesn't mean they still won't have their blunders.
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