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09:16:50 PM Jan 29th 2011
Here's the One More Day Wallbanger from the Comics page.

  • The "One More Day" storyline in Spider-Man comics. It involves Peter and Mary Jane selling their marriage to the devil to save a dying Aunt May. This is accomplished with a Cosmic Retcon which changes decades of Marvel continuity, including returning Spidey's Secret Identity, even though Quesada himself explicitly said this would not be undone by a "magic retcon."
    • To be fair, it was eventually clarified that the only thing that was retconned was the marriage; other stuff like restoring the Secret Identity happened during a Time Skip afterward. Even then, the marriage was just changed into living together, altering previous relationship subplots very little. "One More Day" has a lot of problems, but invalidating canon en masse doesn't seem to be one of them.
    • In one part of this event, Spider-Man enlists Dr. Strange's help to save Aunt May. Strange (who by the way, is a former brain surgeon) casts a spell that allows Spidey to be in multiple places at once to find someone capable of treating her. Apparently, no one in Marvel Earth is qualified to treat a gunshot wound. Not even Elixir of the New X-Men. Elixir, who regenerated Prodigy's heart after it was quite literally ripped out of his chest by the demon Belasco, could not treat a gunshot wound.
      • The rest of the story is par the course for comic books. MJ and Peter breaking up might be tolerated, but this was too much. Dr. Strange literally has God on speed dial...several gods, in fact. Reed Richards builds time machines! Elixir's power is best summed up as "Heals shit." They somehow can't deal with a common everyday gunshot wound. Not a headshot, not a special bullet, not some magical Uru round or Wakandan anti-metal shell or something. Just a bullet from a gun...that somehow stymies a superhuman genius, a literal God on Earth, and a man who can rewrite a person's DNA with a backwards glance. That wrecks the story as much as the deal with the Devil because it just doesn't work on a basic, narrative level.
        • The way time travel works in the MU (this week), is that Spidey going back and changing time would spin off an alternate reality, instead of altering his own. Reed still should've been able to find some way.
      • And just to put a point on this, we later found out how Peter got his Secret Identity back, and it's because Strange, Richards, and Tony Stark pulled Laser-Guided Amnesia out of their rears.
        • So instead of a Magic Retcon, it was a Techno Magic Retcon?
      • A lesser example than most for Quesada, but his decision for how Reed Richards and Tony Stark gave everyone laser guided amnesia to keep Spider-man's identity secret qualifies. Those two just finished fighting a war in part to make sure that meta-humans couldn't do that sort of thing to regular humans and now they're the ones erasing memories?
        • A global scale techno-magic retcon by the same freaking people who couldn't treat the aforementioned gunshot wound.
      • You think this is bad enough? Peter met GOD (or angel) and he told him to have faith that she will get better. While he could like... you know.
    • This comic has been bashed by so many people not only for the stupidity, but also for gaping plot holes in the devil's powers. See Linkara for several reasons including that the devil is a Manipulative Bastard.
    • In a September 2010 interview, JQ revealed that due to MJ's use of Exact Words, Mephisto had accidentally retconned the deal itself out of existence. Think about that again.
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