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02:48:52 PM Jan 6th 2016
Since when does TV Tropes not have a wallbanger page? There are dozens of the things, I've read them so why do they suddenly no longer exist?
04:34:12 PM Jan 6th 2016
All Wall Banger pages were voted to be blanked and cut-listed after a discussion. They were determined to be poorly written, and redundant with Dethroning Moment of Suck covering the exact same ground.
03:28:47 AM Sep 11th 2014
Moving this here:
  • The first episode of Monster Tracker, whose premise involves the host exploring animal traits and combining them to create realistic versions of mythical animals, had him investigating what it would take to build an anatomically correct dragon. Pretty intriguing stuff...until the final product was revealed: a perfect replica of a wyvern, a pseudo-dragon and its own entity in medieval mythology. And this guy is supposed to be a world-class artist specializing in these kinds of creatures.
    • A wyvern is a type of dragon, one common and old way of depicting them (though the term itself only dates to the late 1600s, and originally meant something like "viper"). Some dragons were depicted as having four legs, some two, some none at all; most had one head, but Serbian dragons, for example, often had around seven heads. You appear to be upset because the artist strayed from what you think a dragon should look like, not any real failing on the part of the program. A "realistic" dragon would have to be a reptile (probably some type of dinosaur subclade, like birds, or something like a pterosaur) and reptiles have between four and zero limbs as a rule. Truth is, no vertebrate has more than four limbs and the limbs it does have are always bisymmetrical, because four/two/zero are basically the perfect energy-efficient numbers. For a "western" dragon to be possible, reptiles would need to evolveentirely new shoulders, necks and ribcages in order to fit in the muscle required to flap large wings with any kind of power. That's not even getting into the fact that a four-legged dragon would probably be too heavy to get off the ground. So the artist was quite correct when he said a wyvern was the only realistic depiction of a dragon, because we already know that similar reptiles have evolved in the past (pterosaurs—some of whom did indeed grow as large as dragons).
01:45:19 AM Jun 18th 2013
"One particular episode of Future Weapons features the "revolutionary IAR" meant to replace the M249 SAW [snip]..." "How the normally sensible Marines managed to come up with the utterly daft idea that less firepower at the squad level during an ongoing low intensity conflict were most combat happens at that level with only the weapons on hand readily available is a good idea escapes me!"

I will guarantee you there is a 99% chance of politics and government contracts being involved. If you research it, you'll find Congressional members insist on maintaining government contracts for industries in their districts, often without first regard to how practical or obsolete they are, because bringing home those contracts maintains their voter base. This includes military hardware. The companies have the option of upgrading or changing, but it still sours because they have little motivation to do so on a consistent basis, since the contracts are virtually guaranteed due to their rep or senator's maneuverings, rather than being based on true competition of a balance of cost and quality.
06:30:06 PM Jul 29th 2012
edited by notsomeone
Should BBC's Robin Hood get it's own sub page. I just measured it against Babylon 5's. It is about twice as long with twice as many character, and I believe it is about the same number of examples.

For reference it is the first thing in the second "other series" folder.
12:15:40 PM Mar 1st 2011
edited by Meeble
This page is being split due to length. It has reached a size where it is in danger of causing server performance issues. See this thread for details.

To alleviate this, I will split off the current content along the lines of the current folder structure. New examples should be placed in the appropriate series sub-page, and entries for new series should be given their own sub-page in the Wall Bangers namespace.
06:09:42 PM Nov 24th 2010
Not a single Trek example here? Really?
11:15:01 PM Dec 5th 2010
They got their own page.
08:05:52 PM Oct 31st 2010
Okay, the folders are broken. Time to seriously consider that Wallbanger Star Trek subpage.
06:07:05 AM Nov 4th 2010
Gave Star Trek its own bangerrific page. It might need some reorganizing.
12:44:18 PM Oct 26th 2010
That is not what the Picard Maneuver is. You seriously missed the point if you thought it was 'using warp against someone who doesn't have warp'
10:22:22 PM Sep 23rd 2010

Female pon farr may not be in Star Trek continuity for the Original Series, but Enterprise wasn't the first to suggest it could be true canon. An early episode of "Voyager" had a Vulcan (not Tuvok!) go into Pon Farr and decide to use B'Elanna Torres as his outlet. Now, B'Elanna has no Vulcan part in her, but getting touched by a Vulcan in pon farr pretty much put her into pon farr.

Okay, that's not quite the same. But it may have been what sparked the idea, since neither TNG nor early "Deep Space Nine" dealt much with Vulcans at all.
12:35:24 PM Sep 4th 2010
Cut from the House section:

  • That fact that he's in perfect health makes it all the worst that house convinces him to kill himself. Yes billy needed a organ but WTF!

The character who kills himself appears in perfect health during the episode but, the last time I checked, people in comas don't count as being in perfect health, and that character has maybe a day before the medication wears off and he lapses back into his coma. That complaint makes no sense.
12:55:39 AM Sep 3rd 2010
edited by CaptainSarcasm
I wasn't sure if I should cut this or not, so...

  • The fact that the 2010 series Daleks are multi-coloured would have been enough for me as I face palmed the moment I saw them. However, like the River Song example above, I seriously believe that Moffat has absolutely no idea why anything works in the Doctor Who universe. The single reason why Daleks all look identical is that they are ethnic clensing taken to it's extreme; they believe they are perfect in both form and beauty and anything that looks or acts different is disgusting. This is why in Evolution of the Daleks the other members of the Order of Skaro rebelled. The only exception has always been the Supreme Dalek because as they still rigidly believe in a Hierarchy and the Daleks main sense is sight. These new Daleks would have killed each other the moment they were born - for the unforgivable crime of being different.

The thing here is that the Daleks are different colors because each one has a different position. Each one has a different rank in the hierarchy. In fact, that's much more realistic than simply having the Supreme be different from all the others, because that's like having an army with one general and 15,000 privates. The colors instantly let the Daleks know which of them is delegated to which task and which occupies which role in the "caste system."

Oh, and as for being "perfect in both form and beauty", I believe the Dalek view on the concept of elegance is well known.
10:32:37 PM Aug 30th 2010
Note to the person proposing an episode-by-episode Wallbanger list for Star Trek: Voyager:

This is not something you want to do by half-measures. Be sure to incorporate the entries that were already there when you reach them in the chronology. The ones in the finale should end it...

And if this is seriously done, then we might want to break off Star Trek (in general) or "Voyager" (in particular) into its own page. "Voyager" lasted seven seasons; listing wallbangers episode by episode for all of them will fill this page before you got through season four.
06:32:14 AM Sep 28th 2010
I (original episode-by-episode idea guy) wholeheartedly support this(haven't added to the list for this reason). I got little experience on tvtropes though, so I don't know where I should edit, or where I should link.
02:23:33 PM Aug 14th 2010
Cut this and put it here for now...

  • In "Redemption," the Enterprise tries to catch a cloaked Romulan ship by linking 20 ships together with light beams, in the hope that they would detect it if it crosses any of the beams. Problems:
    1. The Romulans could fly around it.
    2. The Romulans could fly through it, as the gaps between the beams would be massive.
    3. If the Romulans cross any of the beams, the Federation ships would indeed know they are there, but the Romulans could just fly on with their cloaking still active. (Having Data captain a critical ship lessens the problem, but doesn't remove it.)
    • How did this script get approved?
      • Space is an ocean.
      • Tachyon disables cloaking devices, and the whole point of it was to prove the Romulans were helping one side of a Klingon Civil War, not to catch them. Romulan Warbirds are also really fucking huge. As for Space Is an Ocean, this is bloody Star Trek!
08:58:46 AM Jul 11th 2010
edited by koook160
Should the Law & Order franchise have its own folder?
03:07:08 PM Jul 15th 2010
Yes. We have enough points to justify a folder. I'm on it.
03:41:46 PM Jul 15th 2010
10:57:53 PM Jul 3rd 2010
edited by AnonymousMcCartneyfan
Triassic Ranger, it's Kristin Chenowith who isn't a Manipulative Bitch. Harriet Hayes might be. The second point was that Harriet Hayes is, not simply Inspired by... a real person, but Based on a Great Big Lie — claiming she's based on someone, and then giving traits that match neither the real person nor any reasonable outcome of previous traits....

I enjoyed Studio 60, but Harriet doing the Maxim cover, and how she was doing it, disturbed me enough that I became, well, a less regular viewer. It simply was not the sort of thing fundamentalist Christians do publicly after they become fundamentalist Christians. Then again, S60 made it clear repeatedly that the writers had no idea what fundamentalist Christians are supposed to be like. Hayes could have passed for a moderate Christian; but she was given the Informed Attribute of being fundamentalist...

It's a crying shame. It was advertised from the start that Hayes would be a fundamentalist Christian; and if anyone is likely to be able to ignore the Critical Research Failures on Sketch Comedy, fundamentalist Christians are it. They could have made a valuable Periphery Demographic. They would have forgiven a lot for an accurate-but-sympathetic portrayal (assuming that's possible) — but they didn't get either.
07:18:41 AM Jun 12th 2010
edited by Crowley
You know, it's one thing to debate, but it's another thing entirely to flat out insult the person with a disagreeing opinion. Seriously, what the hell? Putting this here in discussion until people can write a single entry sans Ad hominem filled Natter.

  • In Century City, there was this episode where the main characters were defending a guy from being sued because he had made a couple's Gattaca Baby gay. More specifically, he kept in the kid's genetic predisposition toward homosexuality despite the couple's desire to have heterosexual kids and lied to them about it. They later find out that he had done this multiple times. His agenda was that, because so many people who use this treatment want grandkids, they typically don't want to have homosexual kids. The lawyers manage to convince the jury that the attempt to remove gay people like this was like genocide, and they also convince the jury that the plaintiffs should be awarded about 1$. Good intentions, supposedly, but there are several factors that seriously undermine the whole premise:
    1. : He's providing a service; if they're paying for something and he's not intentionally not delivering, then he's scamming people.
    • Counter-argument: In his point of view his is scamming bad people that don't have the right to do what they are doing, is essencially a Chaotic Good atitude.
    1. : It's an expensive procedure, and so people who can't afford it can still replenish the homosexual population without his intervention.
    • Counter-argument: This would means that only poorer people would have gay kids, meaning poorer LGBT population, making them even less powerfull. Also, it is not impossible that technology becomes common place.
    1. : Why don't the gay people hire surrogate parents or use artificial wombs (provided they exist) to make their own gay babies?
    • Gay man speaking here, more important than all above: Why is heterosexualism so important to reproduction in a future where become can Gattaca they kids??
      • Also, it is a fear among many in the current Gay community that the discovery of a "gay gene" will cause exactly that, a "gay genocide". A reasonable fear to be honest.
    • I wouldn't be surprised that the original wallbanger-troper was homophobic as well.
      • Less homophobia, more if you have an issue, don't offer to provide the service, and don't act surprised if people sue you for not providing the service you agreed to provide.
08:46:59 PM May 18th 2010
Okay, about Picard having no tolerance for Q because he is no-nonsense and has little tolerance for hijinks. Okay. We've seen enough of Picard in action that we know this is true in general, not just for Q.

So how did he become an esteemed diplomat? Most cultures contain things that look like nonsense to other cultures, which is why 4Kids does strange things to anime. And he has been shown to have low tolerance for diplomatic meetings of the sort that Federation races hold (as in, he wants out of there and doesn't do a good job of hiding it).

Diplomats have to have a tolerance for nonsense, because one culture's nonsense is another's ritual.
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