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11:09:36 PM Jul 7th 2015
Personally, I can get through a lot of these idiotic plot lines and such, the only part of this show that has ever made me stop watching an episode is the Quagmire-Brian argument, which I personally say is the true starting point of the shows decline (even minor jabs at it like Brian being booed by Quagmire in "Roasted Guy" before delivering his roast ticked me off). It's nice to see that I am not the only one who thinks that not only is this argument stupid, but that also Quagmire is entirely at fault. I'm not saying Brian's preachy attitude that he has adapted recently isn't annoying (It is and I would like to see him get an adjustment on that), but that doesn't ruin an episode like seeing Quagmire attack the dog unprovoked.
11:28:52 AM Feb 19th 2014
I'm fairly certain that the show isn't actually preaching about people with polio getting into heaven. 99.9% likely it's satire.
07:45:19 AM Jul 2nd 2014
Agreed, especially since it's Peter saying it.
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