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02:06:30 PM Nov 2nd 2013
Cut this from the Trial of Oliver Queen entry:

  • First off, Ollie is facing a jury trial for an offense that he freely admits he's committed and sincerely believes (even if maybe he doesn't) that he deserves to be punished for. There shouldn't be any jury trial if Ollie was willing to plead guilty, merely a sentencing hearing! So... he thinks he did wrong and should pay a price, but he still pled "not guilty"?

This is actually Truth in Television. People who confess to criminal acts and are willing to be punished will plead Not Guilty when they feel the charges the state presses against them are too harsh. Conversely, prosecutors will push said harsher charges for fear of encouraging similar acts if the punishment is seen as "worth it."
05:21:48 AM Jun 16th 2013
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"Outsiders #17-19, in which the Outsiders approach real-life hero and Very Special Guest Star John Walsh for help in tracking down the leader of a child slavery ring. It doesn't speak well of the team that when their leader, a Batman-trained detective, is unable to find any leads, his next plan of attack is, "Let's get that guy on TV to help us!""

If it had been featured as a short cut -"I can do this, but this other way is faster"- it might not have been so bad. That said, it wasn't a bad arc, and probably would have been remarkable if it'd been handled in a way that left it feeling less forced, particularly in the earlier sections.

"Superman is verbally attacked and slapped by an unnamed woman who chews him out for not saving her husband who died of an inoperable tumor during the events of the war. Yes, a woman blamed Superman, the DC Messianic Archetype who saves the Earth on a regular basis, for not saving her husband from an inoperable brain tumor because she believes that he could have used his X-Ray Vision to pre-emptively notice the tumor and use his heat vision to remove it if he hadn't been wrapped up in the events of New Krypton. This Superman has never displayed the willingness or the skill to try such an operation, and there are other superheroes around who are recognized as skilled surgeons."

Ser-ri-ous-ly. Mr. Terrific is a freaking doctor; Batman has Wayne Industries at his fingertips, including organizations to help out those who need health care and have little funds; J'onn J'onzz can phase stuff; Atom can shrink down and travel through the bloodstream. Zatanna and Dr. Fate have flat-out magic. And that's off the top of my head. And the woman's yelling at Superman, who had to prevent a war!?!?!
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