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12:52:32 PM Nov 1st 2013
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With Regards to the Shakugan no Shana Wall Banger:

This is a Wall Banger in the anime only. In the light novels, Yuji's Face-Heel Turn (for a given value of heel) is anything but sudden; it is, in fact, built up to and foreshadowed, but the anime often leaves signs of his growing ruthlessness out (including an instance in which he attacks Wilhelmina when she attempts to force Shana to leave him). It also leaves out, more importantly, a mysterious figure that begins to speak from within the Midnight Lost Child in Yuji and begins to challenge Yuji with regards to his desires and how to resolve the Forever War between the Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens, encouraging his previously mentioned growing ruthlessness. This figure is in fact the Snake of the Festival (who appears almost out of nowhere in Season 3), and he begins "approaching" Yuji way back in Volume VIII (which would be back in Season 1), eight volumes before his "Face-Heel Turn." A lot of the plot developments and characters suddenly introduced in Season 3 (which is the season featuring Yuji going to the dark side) with no explanation were introduced earlier in the light novels, which, while focusing mainly on Yuji and Shana, also focuses on events outside Misaki City in the wider Flame Haze-Denizen conflict. The Snake of the Festival (who appears, as mentioned above, way earlier in the light novels) and his goals were mentioned as far back as Volume II, and thus should have been mentioned in Season 1 (it wasn't). Such important elements such as the Flame Haze Civil War, the Great War with Töten Glocke (only briefly and confusingly alluded to in Season 1 and in the second-to-last episode of Season 3), the organization Révolution and its ideals (which greatly influenced Yuji, but was mentioned in a single, throwaway line in Season 2) are skated over or not mentioned at all. Bal Masqué's history and motivations are more detailed as well. The problem is that Season 3 faithfully adapts the light novel volumes XVI-XXII, Season 1 fairly faithfully covered its "chunk," but not all Season 2. Between a half and two-thirds of Season 2 is either anime original (the entire Fumina Konoe arc) or adapted from the Shakugan no Shana Playstation 2 game. Because of that, a lot of crucial character development and plot development is left out, and what is included is compressed to fit what time is left over. Consequently, the stuff that would have lead up to and prepared the way for Season 3 (such as preludes to Face Heel Turns, characters, and plot elements) was left out.
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