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03:21:50 AM Jun 16th 2013
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"Many, many, many edits 4Kids made to make sure any reference to death in the Battle City arc was replaced with being "sent to the shadow realm". "

Let me note, my two kids found the Shadow Realm concept scarier than just dying. The SR means you're tortured until you're released; death means you're dead. Really really bad idea, 4kids.

"The villainess Gel Sadra, who had a bad case of being voiced by a man in the original, was changed into an alien male ("Mallanox") for the dub and had her tragic backstory (being kidnapped from the remains of a blown-up ship by the Big Bad that orchestrated it and mutated/rapid-aged) cut out. Saban had also claimed that Berg Katse (or "Lukan"), the villain of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, was Mallanox's father. When it came time for Gel Sadra's backstory to creep back up, Saban then tried to re-instate her original origin and then gave her a FEMALE voice when in unmasked form to assert that yes, really, Mallanox was actually a woman. "

Of course, they didn't include that Berg Katse was a shifting hermaphrodite / chimera that switched between male and female, which might have made their interpretation of Gel Sadra / Mallanox make something resembling sense.
10:45:11 AM Sep 25th 2012
So can someone please satisfy fruitstripegum's question and explain what's going on in this page without clogging up the page with useless Natter and Justifying Edits? I don't wanna end up getting into an Edit War constantly having to erase his screwups.
12:34:13 AM Sep 26th 2012
edited by fruitstripegum
Can someone PLEASE explain why this is a wallbanger?

Luffy (guy who they suspect is trying to hurt the princess) and Vander Decken (well established stalker of Princess who's been trying to kill her for years). Luffy saves the princess from him, princess thanks him and frees him. The citizens' response? Clearly Luffy is the bad guy and they try to attack him (instead of Vander Decken).

From what I saw, it's NOT a wallbanger - She freed him then left, and he followed her with his friends - nobody tried to attack him. If anyone can explain WHY it's a wallbanger, I'll restore it.

And Mighty Kombat...I'm a girl.
01:05:42 PM Oct 1st 2012
edited by MightyKombat
Didn't know you were a girl.

EDIT: Crap, triple posted. Fucking firefox.
01:05:43 PM Oct 1st 2012
Didn't know you were a girl.
01:05:44 PM Oct 1st 2012
Didn't know you were a girl.
03:10:20 AM Apr 26th 2012
Cut a few of what looked like Justifying Edits. The rule's there, people.
03:28:09 PM Jun 22nd 2012
edited by LentilSandEater
People reading the trope description? Nah.

Edit2: Including me!
07:50:46 PM Oct 27th 2011
Do we need all those Blue Gender ones. It's just people offering more and more reasons why they think humans should have defeated the Blues.
11:32:10 PM Jul 15th 2012
No. We can cut that down closer to core points. Much of that natter is "fun but sociopathic."
11:35:25 PM Jul 15th 2012
Cut this because it is natter. Put it here because it was enjoyable.

  • Park your aircraft carriers offshore — Blue can't swim at all or fly far. Bomb every city with incendiaries. Every Blue hive catches on fire. Love the smell of napalm in the morning, profits!
  • Clear some small islands of all Blue. Use them as air bases for your B-52 equivalent, use more bomb, more profits!
  • Lure the blue into open areas. Slaughter them with artillery/helicopters/tanks/bombers/cluster munitions from miles away, profits!
  • Use modern bunker busters that can penetrate 75ft of solid grano-diorite or tugsten telephone poles from orbit to destroy every hive, profits!
  • Drop big frickin' rocks on them, profits!
  • Use chemical/biological weapons against your organic enemy, profits!
  • Use depleted uranium/tungsten ammunition in all your guns. Cut through the Blues' organic armor like tissue paper. Profits!
  • Blues are made of meat, kill them with fire, profits!
  • Arm you infantry with RPGs, panzerfausts, bazookas, and antimaterial rifles instead of assault rifles and smgs. They're super effective! Also PROFITS!
  • Use tactical nuclear weapons to turn the blues' Zerg Rush tactics into suicidal charges. Then, once you have broken their lines of defense, storm their hives and burn their babies alive. Have a good laugh about it. BBQ and PROFITS!
  • Use neutron bombs on Blue infested cities. Blue and Blue eggs die from the neutron flux. All the steel in the city gives off hard gamma and beta radiation for a few weeks, killing the stragglers (especially since we know Blue eat pieces of buildings regularly). In a year, the radiation in the cities will be just above background level. Profits! (And make sure to drink lots of red wine, St90 and all that).
    • Use mirrors and focusing lenses to create orbital solar death rays; like a kid roasting ants with a magnifying glass Up to Eleven! Oh, and PROFITS!
03:07:06 PM Mar 8th 2011
Yeah um, can someone explain this to me?

Hinata hitting Pain in the fight was a BIG one for she gets a clean hit in by her Elemental Punch and because she was Doomed By Canon it does nothing.

I... I don't get it. What is this a Wall Banger for? Hinata attacking Pain? Using an Elemental Punch? (which she doesn't even have) And how is she Doomed by Canon? Seriously, what is being complained about here?

06:20:32 AM Mar 9th 2011
I don't watch Naruto, but it sounds to me like the complaint is "Hinata finally makes herself useful by getting in a good clean hit, but Pain no-sells it, so she's still worthless". I could be wrong.
11:38:23 PM Sep 19th 2010
I just touched the Gundam "pixie dust" example...

You know, the idea of reading someone's mind and not learning the truth there is a little scary.
02:41:53 PM Jul 15th 2010
Cut this and put it here, though there is probably more where it came from. There is some vicious justification going on with Zero Requiem in Code Geass, and we are not supposed to use justifications — we correct, or we bite our tongues. This one appears to be partly philosophical differences (tropers on different points of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism); thus, it might be fundamentally unresolvable.

  • The premise of the plan is stupid. Hatred does not create peace! Just because every one on Earth hates you does not mean they will all get along; even if they pull an Enemy Mine against you, things are likely to revert to normal bastardry once you the threat are gone. Lelouch did nothing that would have fixed the broken world — he's just made things worse in the long run. He could have dismantled Britannia or turned it into a peaceful democratic federation and helped rebuild the world after its influence was gone. Instead, he foolishly kills himself after causing untold amounts of damage and killing thousands, or more likely millions, of people. In the end, Britannia still exists; Suzaku is still Zero, for whatever good that will do; and the years of violence and anger are still fresh in everyone's memory. In the end, the biggest mistake Lelouch makes is completely forgetting the basics of human nature. He turned himself into Hitler to bring peace; if our world is any indication, that peace will be short lived. (The Korean War started before the 1940s were over. The Cold War started before that.) The only explanation is that Lelouch went insane and became suicidal after Nunnally's "death".
    • Lelouche did dismantle Britannia's aristocracy, and apparently gave Japan its freedom (though he took that back later on, I don't know if it was ever said that he took away its indiviuality again as well). Our world isn't really a good indication of the Code Geass world, which, due to a combination of historical geass use, Britannian expansionism and global reaction to the latter, is mostly under the direct political and military control of a few mostly hyper-competent leaders with extremely loyal subordinates (who are also hyper-competent) and citizens, all of whom seem to be playing along with Lelouche's final plan. Not to mention that the ridiculously popular Messiah Figure that saved the entire world from the most evil man in history is still apparently around, directly advising Lelouche's heir, being advised by someone as smart as Lelouche himself and harder to kill than ever due to Charles Atlas Superpower. It's very unlikely that Tianzi, and especially Nunnaly or Kaguya, who control almost the entire world between them, would be doing anything but building the peace that Lelouche-niisan/Zero-sama died for, even if they were ruthless enough to want to take advantage of the situation under other circumstances. And any geass shenanigans are probably going to need an immortal other than C.C., and work around Orange-kun, whose fanatical loyalty to Marianne's son (to the point of helping him die) may go over to her daughter as well.
05:08:36 PM Jul 19th 2010
The vicious justification in the Code Geass section is getting worse. Any ideas?
11:40:57 PM Jul 8th 2010
Cut this because it's a justification, and a selfadmitted WMG (albeit one the Powers That Be would likely get behind). Putting it here for the record — it's pretty impressive-looking.

08:38:17 AM Jul 7th 2010
For future reference — please make sure the name of the work you are listing is clearly visible, not just a Pot Hole. Not everyone is checking where the potholed phrases go.
06:42:03 PM May 15th 2010
Someone please double-check the InuYasha entry to make sure there are no manga-only listings? (Most animes don't have chapters.)
12:54:20 AM Mar 10th 2010
edited by CharredKnight
Due to the fact that no reason was given for wiping out such a large amount of the Code Geass section I am adding one back that would combine several of them from the previous part.
10:33:36 PM Mar 25th 2010
Okay I just deleted a huge justifying edit, and i'll explain here. Charles was despised all over the world for his tyrannical actions. When Lelouch first took over he was hailed as a hero within Britannia for ending the rule of the aristocrats, and ending the huge coporations. Just taking over the world is not going to make you "the most evil man of all times" which is what Lelouch was trying to do. He obviously has to do something more drastic to be labeled that.

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