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10:08:25 AM Jul 4th 2013
[Theory] Trixie has a dual personality brought on due to extreme loneliness. We know that she seems to have a secret identity as a closet tomboy, but since this personality is so much different from her everyday attitude, here' is my guess. Trie has two personalities. Trixie, the original, and Missy (My go-to name for referring to the second trixie, you can have a different name). Trixie is the original and was the one who most likely had to experience the great trauma of loneliness in some form. This caused Trixie to develop a second personality to keep her company, similar to Timmy's Imaginary Gary. Missy is the personification of Trixie's desire to have friends and to never be alone. to do that, Missy took those wishes in the direction of wanting to be the most popular girl ever. Trixie herself doesn't actually care for a lot of the stuff Missy does, and actually, Missy/trixie herself never shows an actual hobby or interest in her day-to-day life aside from socializing. Now, in a normal case of multiple personalities, the second personality becomes the dominant one simply because that is normally why they were created. When Trixie/missy becomes approached with the same extreme loneliness as before, she cracks again due to the same desire.

My prediction for what to expect from Trixie are as followed,

1. Missy will remain the dominant mindset and will eventually suppress the true Trixie indefinitely, becoming a Marilyn Monroe of sorts in the FOP universe.

2. After entering the adult world, Trixie/Missy will find it very hard to cope with the extremes and will have a mental breakdown, being taken to a Mental Hospital where she will hopefully receive the best treatment.

3. Trixie will eventually suppress or remove Missy from her mind and will learn to be herself and make plenty of friends on her own who accept her.

Also, Trixie is NOT Autistic, even if she doesn't have MPD. People with Autism has a strong trouble socializing with others. And Trixie's main characteristic in the show is just HOW social she is. She may have a different mental disorder from what I gave, but Autism, she does not have.
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