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01:58:56 PM Nov 16th 2011
FROM WMG page:

Penny's acting career will eventually take off. Ironically, it will be a role in the kind of movie with a stereotypically nerdy fanbase (science fiction, fantasy, or super heroes). Think of all the story possibilities! Autograph hunters! Sci-fi conventions! Penny having to point out several times that she is not [name of her role]! It could also be a voice acting role, possibly to shed some light on how underrated voice actors are by comparison to screen actors.

Plot Bunny: Penny gets a job as Voice Over for a Sci-Fi cartoon, she don't think it is a big deal, so she casually mentions it to the Gang.

The Gang are at the Comic book Store: Stewart warns Penny to whisper Just in Case.

Penny speaks. Fanboys recognize that she is the Voice Over from the Ctulu Ctharcthoon and demand her autograph. Wil Wheaton needs he autograph. Hilarity Ensues.
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