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04:48:03 PM Aug 25th 2011
Erm, sorry if I was violating some rule I was not aware of, but what's wrong with my guess that GF won't add any new types? Was it in the wrong section?
10:39:38 AM Apr 20th 2011
I kind of want to add the remaining no weakness type/ability combos* to the end of the "Types not done yet" section. Does anyone object to this concept?
04:47:19 PM Aug 25th 2011
Those sound like good ideas, I say go for it. I'm just passing by, though, so it might be best to wait for someone with more authority to give the green light.
05:26:36 AM Aug 18th 2012
Try looking for a mod.
05:39:11 PM Mar 31st 2011
As I mentioned on the WMG, I'm working on a fan generation, and am always looking for feedback, and possibly collaboration. If anyone's interested in taking a look let me know.
03:21:39 PM Sep 11th 2010
Should we really say "confirmed" for certain pokemon in Gen V (as in, the ones announced only on the pokeexperto/pokebeach websites)? They aren't official and likely fake
01:15:36 PM Mar 6th 2011
Well, now we can...
08:45:28 PM Aug 7th 2010
So, if you go to the Just Bugs Me page for Black and White, you'll see a corresponding WMG page. It appears that someone else has created a future generations-type WMG page, perhaps not knowing there already was one. I would merge the two myself, but I'm not entirely sure of the protocol involved in such things.
08:47:58 PM Aug 7th 2010
edited by RhymeBeat
This page was already present before the Black and White page. I think there should be a notice that this page is only for generations VI and later.
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