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10:32:08 AM Jan 27th 2012
In the WMG section about the asari, the last post in one of the theories says that the theory's been Jossed by dialogue from ME 2. Which dialogue, specifically?
10:15:48 PM Oct 25th 2010
The MWG icon, in its small format in the button at the top of the page, looks just like Sovereign's silhouette! COINCIDENCE?
06:05:27 PM Sep 9th 2010
I think the WMG page has filled to capacity. Now it needs to be split as well! Whoa, Troperiffic to the max!
08:59:20 PM Sep 9th 2010
There's a lot of stuff that can be cut. IMO stuff that's been proven wrong should be removed, stuff that relates to other fandoms ("Shepard is the God-Emperor of Mankind", etc.) go to Grand Unifying Guesses. I would suggest WMG for Mass Effect 1 and 2 go to their separate pages, WMG for the third game and beyond stay at the original entry.

I was the one who split the main page, so I'd like to have at least some input. ;-)
12:36:06 AM Sep 27th 2010
I'm trimming the Shadow Broker WMG - the Lair Of The Shadow Broker DLC answered every question except where the Shadow Broker's tech came from originally.
04:22:24 AM Sep 27th 2010
I basically cut it entirely. Haven't posted my re-edited version. I'll put it up here for a week before changing the page.
01:27:08 PM Aug 1st 2010
I've never added anything to a wiki before, and I don't really want to mess up the nice WMG page, so I figured I'd post in the discussion, and if anyone agrees, they can add it properly.

In ME 2, Jack says she joined a cult and 'kept the haircut'. She's a powerful biotic who is pissed at pretty much everyone, but we know she wasn't always that hateful of everything, but she probably never really liked non-biotics, especially not after some of the things that happened. In ME 1, you get a sidequest to break up a anti-non-biotic cult run by the former Alliance Major Kyle. The cult members you talk to, if you don't go in shooting, talk about how no one is going to help them and how they have to watch out for themselves now. Bioware has a habit of inserting little connections between games to link new party members to the old game, so. . .was the cult Jack joined the same cult you broke up in ME 1?

04:04:26 PM Aug 1st 2010
edited by Medicus
Probably not. Jack later says that the cult was only interested in her abilities. They were going to raid a colony and Jack was "their ace in the hole":
Shepard: What did you when you found out?
Jack: What do you think?
Knowing Jack, they're probably all dead. Plus, Kyle's cult was isolationist. It's unlikely that the two are the same.
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