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12:41:53 AM Sep 20th 2013
Just want to add a few things to TV Tropes regarding Highschool Dx D (light novel) which is mostly "Wild Mass Guessing" for fun:

1-Chichigami-sama (the Breast God) is represented by none other than Paio II, the trope pantheon's goddess of boobies. It would be funny/awesome if they add that fact to her profile and have Issei promoted to becoming her high-priest.

2-During the conflict against enemy vampires, Gasper will bite Issei in the neck to such his blood and bring Ho Yay to a whole new "dangerous" level as a result. Kiba might actually feel envious of Gasper as a result.

3-If Gasper is suffering because of the cruelty of the enemy vampires, expect Issei to inspire him to fight on and remind him that he is the "Danball Vampire God" with insane yet awesome Danball Vampire action as a result.

4-The next time Issei obtains a power up from Rias' breasts, it will cause Ryuutimaru (Issei's familiar which is a living ship) to evolve. Why, it might have a nude Rias as the figurehead at the prow.
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