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02:39:45 PM Jul 27th 2010
edited by Ghostfromthemachine
Project 2501 is Kuze. (Warning: There might be a few spoilers to come) At the end of 2nd Gig we see the majority of Section 9 somewhere surrounded by Cherry blossoms with their brand new Fuchikomas. Several lines of conversation are close to lines from the manga that the original Ghost in the Shell movie is based off, but don't show up in said movie, such as the passing of a budget for Section 9. Towards the end of 2nd Gig Kuze also says he'll 'go ahead', bringing the question of "to where?" up. If you look at the traits of 2501 and Kuze they are similar, and the Major's willingness to merge with 2501 might be related to her emotional attachments to Kuze.
09:53:46 PM Mar 7th 2012
Even going along with this theory (despite the fact that SAC and the movies are irreconcilably separate continuities) why would the Puppet Master then tell everyone that it was a government experiment? And why would the government think it was a government experiment? That they created?
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