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10:10:29 PM Jun 3rd 2014
How long is this page going to be up?

Apparently this page is being kept separate from "General Plot Predictions" to protect people who haven't read Skin Game from spoilers. Which leaves me with a few questions.

1. Are we going to do this for every book for the rest of the series? Put up a new page for plot predictions to protect from spoilers?

2. If not, how long is this page going to be up before we integrate the as-yet-unsolved WM Gs with the appropriate sub-pages? In my opinion, anyone who hasn't yet read Skin Game but still insists on frequenting the Dresden Files section of a website that loves spoilers, they kind of deserve what's coming to them.

3. What's the point of this page anyway? There's not a lot of point in keeping a Confirmed WMG page for a book that just came out. Anyone who has read the book KNOWS what happened in it. A page for Confirmed Skin Game predictions basically exists ONLY as a trove of spoilers.

I think we should reintegrate the pages now that Skin Game is out. But that's just my opinion. I'd like to hear from the rest of you before anyone starts moving things around.
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