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07:53:20 AM Aug 30th 2010
Shown Their Work?

I read an interview (no idea where) with Criterion around the time Burnout Paradise was getting ready to be released where they talked about how they have had vision specialists working with them during their games development. They have helped Criterion come up with the elements the games use to indicate the extreme speed (peripheral blurring, stretching out of the perspective) in a way they could make it seem a lot faster than you could actually make the car go. They also helped fine-tuned the exact features a driver needs to be able to see to make proper decisions, like making taillights, street signs and other road indicators stand out from a distance in a way that would draw the eye's attention to them without being glaringly obvious, and muting down other less essential features. The whole thing is frankly brilliant, and something you can clearly see while playing once you realize the amount of work they went into successfully achieving all these goals. Not sure if this classifies as a trope specific to the game or just something interesting about its development.

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