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10:23:37 PM Mar 15th 2014
Putting this here from Timey-Wimey Ball, since it's a fan theory but I don't know where to put it on the page.

  • Back to the Future: The Game It may be a case that since the De Lorean's (and by extension Marty's) timeline is so snarled from constantly moving through time, the Delayed Ripple Effect has a hard time catching up to it. Doc's past was directly changed, so he vanished instantly.
11:52:19 AM Jul 16th 2012

It is quite possible that someone has all three Back to the Future films in personal canon without including the games. I for one hadn't even heard of them before I visited this site. (I did hear of the cartoon, but don't have clear memories of it.)

For the sake of guessers with Small Reference Pools, instead of saying the games invalidate a theory, say that the theory implies that the games did not really happen — Fanon Discontinuity, not Jossing. Please?
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