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08:48:59 AM Feb 8th 2013
I've been looking at this page for a few weeks now and no one really updates it lol. But anyways regarding me removing the spoiler tags, I just want to clarify why I did it.

1) There is a link to the French site which of course has all of the episodes so spoilers ahoy there.

2) I wanted to follow the policy that other foreign languages. To my knowledge only the English My Candy Love site has a policy against spoiling episodes that haven't been translated yet. The Polish site for example, has no such spoiler rule(to my knowledge at least).

3) TV tropes isn't even affiliated with the site. If Tumblr and the wikis can spoil episodes without tagging then it should be okay for this site to be able to as well.
08:26:26 PM Mar 25th 2013
edited by 3HN
Hey Sienna, I'm gonna have to disagree with you. While it's true there's a link to the french site, the main page spoils minimally, and the players would have to work through a whole seventeen episodes to get caught up. As a player yourself, I'm sure you understand how long it can take to get through a whole episode. Put yourself in shoes in someone who is one, say, episode five and they come to this page and find spoilers for episode twelve.

I know that the other versions of Candy Love have their way of handling things. And, yes, there is nothing we can do about Tumblr, but fortunately, Tv Tropes has their own Spoiler Policy. It's not really okay to spoil here, I know sometimes it can't be helped, but we should at least attempt some caution because there are just so many episodes and it's unrealistic to assume everyone is completely caught up in the french version. Even I'm not.

Right now, I'm going to put some spoiler tags in again. If we need too, we can discuss this further and maybe change how we handle spoilers on the page, but for now, let's play it safe. :)

EDIT: Okay so I went through the main and I only found one thing to tag. I still feel there are things that might need to be handled differently, but the main page looks good. The episode 17 spoilers in YMMV are kinda bothering me, because that's like 3 eps away in the English version, as of writing. I'd like some discussion about how to handle the character page, too.
05:39:45 PM Mar 29th 2013
I don't mind spoiler tagging things honestly :). In truth I just want to be able to put things that have been in the French episodes on here(I hate the NO TALK ABOUT FUTURE EPISODES rule on the English forum). Ahaha I hate to say this but I'm a bad example because I'm the type of person who welcomes spoilers with open arms lol.

I know some people aren't caught up with is why I tried explaining things(unless the trope name made it obvious). And I wish I could link this but there is a user on Youtube who has translated video walktrhoughs of the future episodes(even 17) if you or anyone else wants to have a look.

I went wild here because no one had edited this page in like months lol. I can compromise. Like we keep all the info, but spoiler tag anything that hasn't happened in the English site yet. The problem with spoilering things for episode 12 is why not spoiler EVERYTHING beyond episode 1 for that same reason?
02:46:00 PM Oct 24th 2013
Well the English site is all caught up now. But still, spoilers exist for a reason.
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