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02:10:24 PM Oct 3rd 2011
edited by sarukada
- "Fandisc" vs "sequel" - the official website and magazine scans both call Maji Koi S! a sequel ("続編"). All mentions of "fandisc" reverted to "sequel" unless someone can illustrate otherwise.
03:03:57 PM Jan 1st 2012
I'm pretty sure it's a sequel; the game has continuations to all of the stories for the five main heroines that were in the first ones; the other heroines' stories seem to play after the Ryuuzetsuran.. no, wait, that doesn't make sense because Yamato met the evil triplets in the demo version. I guess the new stories (Yoshitsune, Benkei, Kokoro, Seiso and Tsubame?) are just supposed to play right when the normal game played, only with more characters? I'm not sure anymore, but either way, it IS some kind of sequel.
08:47:41 AM Feb 8th 2012
It's a fandisc that grew out of hand and was turned into a sequel. Some review sites like erogamescape sometimes still refer to it as a fandisc, but they're mistaken. It's officially a sequel according to Minato Soft.

All the continuation stories follow from "Another" routes of each of the 5 heroines. Tastuko's route in S follows the Ryuuzetsuran route. The new characters all follow the "finished with no one" route. Hilariously, Yumi's route follows the Yadogari route and Kosugi is the tutorial "route".
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