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06:24:42 PM Feb 10th 2015
Does anyone have a preference for the original download over the Steam version for reason other than price? I can't seem to find any reason to pick one over the other.
04:47:42 PM Jun 11th 2014
LOL. I'm not sure where this should go as it seems more like Black Comedy then a genuine Crowning Moment of Funny or Nightmare Fuel, but the shrine visit with Shuu in Holiday Star has a moment that's so messed up. XD

Hiyoko: "You want to make an offering with a rotting corpse?! What kind of pervert are you?!?! Shuu: "Won't you be my rotting corpse Miss Tohsaka? Don't worry, I was only joking... Yes... joking." Hiyoko: "(Were you sir? It sounds like you brought that up on an off chance...")

Oh god, the necrophilia... XD
01:38:29 PM Jul 9th 2017
yeah that definitely Black Comedy
09:41:46 PM Jun 10th 2014
Okay, how evil exactly is Shuu? Is he not a Complete Monster? He at least seems to be Obviously Evil, and he's definitely no Anti-Villain like the other major villain...

I guess he could just be on the Least Sympathetic section in the Villain Vileness page, but still... Guys like this are very evil. o.O That's all I'm going to say...

The Big Bad for Persona 4 despite his somewhat possibly slight change of heart after you beat him seems to make him not a Complete Monster, but... dang, he's pretty psycho. o.O

If he's listed on there yet, I think the Big Bad for Persona 2 definitely should be...

Sorry. ^^; I'm just wondering if there's even more examples that should be added to that huge trope or if even these characters don't have enough to them that makes them as evil as the other examples listed on there. Seems kind of surprising...
02:35:31 AM Jan 14th 2013
I was wondering, are there any plans on adding the tropes from Holiday Star to this page?
03:09:52 AM Feb 13th 2013
edited by hee7
Since they've been added, could we get some spoiler tags attached? Such as, "In Holiday Star [ALL DEM JUICY TIDBITS]." There's around 10 or so wild spoilers on the main page. I'd add them myself, but my browser keeps crashing when I try.
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