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12:23:37 AM Jan 24th 2011
Hey guys~! Two Breaths here, recent fan of the Fantasia series.

Just did a massive overhaul of the page by adding pages so the examples can be sorted by game to prevent spoilers and such. But obviously, one person can't sort through every example here by myself, especially when people are making their own contributions at the same time! If you can pitch in and send tropes in the Unsorted folder to the right one, that would be AWESOME.

There's one major issue I think needs to be cleared up. What would be a spoiler in any of the Fantasia games? Sounds silly, but I'm serious. Obviously there will people who've probably never played through the Fantasia series who will check this page out. We wouldn't want to spoil things for those people, but it wouldn't do to have the page basically unreadable without highlighting everything. Plus, it would be very inefficient to go through tagging anything to do with Cain, for example, if all examples concerning him aren't very spoiler-iffic.

So, we'll need to clarify: what counts as a spoiler? Would it be anything that concerns a certain character's path. Or backstory? Or are things only spoilers if they concern the true endings of a game? Once we know that, we can make this page more easy to read without spoiling any newcomers.

Of course, any other help you can give is great too. Every spelling and/or grammar mistake correct, every example added or sorted, and every word rewritten to be made clearer makes this page even better!

01:37:00 AM Sep 14th 2011
Hi, I'm glad someone else is here to help out! Ack, I guess this response is really late, but I only just noticed the discussion page, haha. Anyway, a spoiler just sort of means anything which would make the game less interesting for a new player to know. Backstories and twists are counted if they are purposely hidden from the reader before they start playing.
01:41:00 AM Oct 3rd 2011
Hey lily, thank you very much for clarifying what a spoiler is. I'm sure that will make editing a lot easier.

And also, thank you to everyone who took the time to sort all the tropes into folders while I forgot about this page.
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