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03:39:06 PM Jun 2nd 2014
WARNING: Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

You know, I've been wondering: Do you guys think some of the "inevitable deaths" could have been avoided? Personally, I think that three of them could have easily been prevented.
  • Seiko is the one that I believe would have been the easiest one to have prevented. She was hanged by a Brainwashed and Crazy Naomi, but when she's found later on, she's still living - Barely. And yet, she's still alive. But she died because of wasted time. Naomi screamed, panicked, and then started to try to find a way to help her. Yeah, I'd probably panic too if my best friend was on the noose and almost dead, but she could easily just have climbed onto the toilet seat and used herself to support her instead of wasting time trying to find a stool, of which the closest one could potentially have been across the school. Even with how close it was now, it was too late.
  • Mayu was rammed into a wall at an incredibly high speed and was reduced to a pile of blood and organs. Ouch. So, how did it happen? Well, if I remember correctly, she thought it was a good idea to go talk to the ghosts or something (Correct me if I'm wrong). And If I remember correctly, there were two people with her who could have held her back (Again, correct me if I'm wrong).
  • Sakutarou's death is directly linked to that of Mayu's. If she hadn't died where she did, the way she did, he probably wouldn't have died either.
  • Yui was the only one who I don't believe could have made it. She was bleeding, injured and keeping a broken arm in place and still managed to get Ayumi to safety. Of the four "inevitable deaths", I believe that it's one that couldn't have been avoided unless Ayumi and Yoshiki would have taken the time to help her out.
11:37:33 AM May 26th 2012
Got bored today, so I decided to add a Wham Episode section for Blood Covered, give this page an image that won't scar people or Squick them out, and a page quote that should help establish this page a little better.

For the record, I get most of my info through watching the videos, since I probably wouldn't be able to play it without shitting myself, so if there's anything wrong, feel free to add or change something.
11:58:21 PM Apr 8th 2012
Just something I was wondering about - one of the other students that was trapped in the school makes a break for it into the forest. I was thinking, what happens to you when you go into the forest? Do you still just die of starvation anyway, or can the ghosts come after you there too? Would you just pop out of the forest on the other side of the school?
05:47:38 AM May 9th 2012
Considering it's Corpse Party, I'm pretty certain that the woods aren't safe enough to pass through them. Either there are ghosts in there, or there's something else, just as deadly.
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