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11:38:25 AM Jun 25th 2014
With the English patch of the full game of Investigations 2 out, should we replace all entries mentioning the Japanese names of any characters who debuted in AAI2 with the names from the fan patch? Or should we keep the Japanese names as it is until (in the unlikely event) Capcom chooses to officially localize AAI2?

Reason I'm asking is because I've seen some people going out of their way to change the AAI2 character's names to the fan translation names in AAI and some parts of the series' character pages while other entries, such as the main page for the Ace Attorney franchise and other sub-pages, have the names remain unchanged.
09:59:55 PM Jul 8th 2014
I was wondering this myself. When adding new examples, I've been using the fan translation names because of the note on the main page (and also because, to me, "Edgeworth and Kay and Tateyuki and Mikagami and Yumihiko" sounds a little bit stranger to the localized LA setting than does "Edgeworth and Kay and Raymond and Courtney and Sebastian"), but I haven't changed any of the Japanese names on the sub pages because it feels a little presumptuous to do so without making an official decision.

Personally, I think we should change the Japanese names to the Prosecutor's Path localized ones for consistency's sake, at least until/if Capcom does an official translation. Anyone care to weigh in?
01:07:55 AM Jul 9th 2014
If there is no official translation, one should use the fan translation names, yeah. As for the Japanese names, I would stick with the ones from the game, not from the fan translation.
02:52:50 PM Sep 15th 2013
Since Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is not being localized any time soon, would making entries based off the Let's Translate be reasonable? There's some very relevant stuff in that game.
04:12:13 PM Sep 15th 2013
I've been doing that occasionally, but sticking to Japanese names and trying to avoid any examples that might be specific to the translation, like Shout Outs.
01:58:54 PM Jun 22nd 2014
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Now it seems like people have changed the names to the ones from the playable fan translation- is that proper? It might be somewhat confusing, particularly for people who have only watched the dowolf version.
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